Universal Provision


In addition to following our Behaviour Management Policy, from time to time, pupils may need extra support to help them regulate their emotions and behaviour.

Strategies that we use include:

  • Praising even small successes

  • Building on the child’s personal interests

  • Building self-esteem by involving child in jobs, responsibilities and clubs

  • Differentiating work so that they feel they can succeed

  • Using humour

  • Avoiding confrontation: deal with things in a private, rather than public manner

  • Now and next charts: build in rewards or breaks once agreed learning has taken place

  • Giving an agreed time out to calm down, movement breaks or ‘brain breaks’ where needed

  • Using a time frame to complete an instruction e.g. in 1 minute

  • Giving choices, including consequences when needed

  • Distracting on to a new task/away from inappropriate behaviour

  • Teaching or demonstrating the vocabulary needed to use to express their emotions

  • Encouraging use of emotion charts on classroom wall

  • Asking the child what they think would be an appropriate consequence to their actions – Restorative Justice conversations

Resources that we may use include:

Weighted blanket

Wobble cushions

Fiddle toy

Privacy screen

Ear defenders,

Feelings diary

Food diary

Doodle book

If these strategies are not successful, or if it is clear that additional support it required, we then deploy TARGETED SUPPORT