At Four Dwellings we recognise the importance of a quality, well -structured phonics approach that gives children the essential skills to becoming a life-long reader. The teaching of phonics is based on Letters and Sounds. The children receive daily phonics teaching which involves practising previously taught sounds, learning a new sound, reading and writing using the new sound and then an activity which allows them to apply all their reading and writing skills.

Children in Year 1 will complete the Phonic Screening Check during the summer term. We strive for all of our children to pass the Phonic Screening Check and additional support will be put in place for those children who require it. The children who do not achieve the pass mark in Year 1 will take the test in the following academic year, when they are in Year 2.

In Nursery children take part in a range of activities which are mainly adult led and listening skills are embedded so that pupils move confidently through the next 5 phases

Updated November 2019