Four Dwellings Primary Academy caters for the full academic, emotional, social and moral development of all its pupils. We teach the full range of the National Curriculum and are determined to make it as creative, interesting and exciting for the pupils and teachers as we can!

English and Mathematics at the heart of the curriculum and take up the larger part of teaching time as they are integrated throughout all subjects where appropriate. We are determined that all children succeed and reach high standards in all aspects of their school life. Science, Computing and the Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Religious Education, Art, Music, PSHE, Design and Technology and Physical Education, are taught through an integrated topic approach where appropriate. French is also taught from Y3.

A variety of teaching styles are used to deliver the curriculum effectively according to age, experience and ability. For the youngest children at Foundation Stage, the emphasis is on learning through structured play. In Key Stage One, children work in small groups with less time given to whole class teaching. English and Mathematics are the priorities. At Key Stage Two, there is more class teaching but there is also opportunity to work independently, either alone or in a small group.

At Four Dwellings we believe that when pupils experience something, they learn it! We have therefore mapped into our curriculum opportunities for our children to meet with visitors and to go on educational visits to a variety of places. These include The Space Centre, places of worship, historical buildings and the Symphony Hall as well as residential trips in Key Stage 2. We also have a wonderful Forest School which enables pupils to discover the world around them through exploration.

As well as being literate and numerate, children need to have good personal and communication skills. They need to be able to work independently and as part of a team, respecting other opinions, values and beliefs. They need to be knowledgeable about where they live, about democracy, right and wrong and to be able to think for themselves.

A key element for future success is also to be confident with, and competent in Computing. E-Learning (electronic learning – using internet resources, multi-media, tutorials etc.) is promoted throughout the school, using class sets of netbooks and iPads to support independent learning. Each class also has a blog to inform parents of the work that is going on in classes.

The Four Dwellings Curriculum is set out below, but if you would like to find out any more information please ring the school and we will be happy to discuss it with you further on: 0121 464 3351

To see an overview of our curriculum, please click here.