Admissions and Appeals 2021-2022

Four Dwellings Primary Academy Admissions Arrangements for School Year 2021-22

Your child will be learning and socialising with more children when they start their new school and could be at risk of catching preventable diseases if they

haven’t had all their childhood jabs. If you are not sure if your child has had all their routine vaccinations, check

their personal health record (Red Book) or contact the GP surgery.

To get the best protection for your child, they need to have had two doses of MMR vaccine. For a checklist of the vaccines and the ages at which they

should ideally be given visit

Admission Arrangements 2021-2022

Academies Enterprise Trust is the admissions authority for this academy. AET Admissions Guidance is available here.

Applications for places at the academy will be made in accordance with the Local Authority’s co-ordinated admission arrangements. They will be made on the Common Application Form and administered by the applicant’s home Local Authority.

The Academy has an agreed admission number of 60 pupils. This Academy will accordingly admit at least 60 pupils in the relevant age group each year if sufficient applications are received. The Academy will participate in the Local Authority's fair access protocol.

Nursery Admissions for 2021-2022

Admission Number

Four Dwellings Primary Academy has an agreed Published Admission Number (PAN) of 58 for entry into nursery, based on a daily morning session and afternoon session. There is no appeal process for nursery places. There will be no more than 40 children in the nursery at any one time.

For further information on the application for nursery places and the oversubscription criteria, please contact the Academy.

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The Academy can be contacted at the following address:

Chair of Governors

Four Dwellings Primary Academy

Quinton Road West


B32 1PJ

Tel: 0121 464 3351

Fax: 0121 464 2700


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