Home Learning Programme

KS3 Curriculum Home Learning Programme 2018-2019

Home learning at Four Dwellings Academy in KS3 is implemented via a 'Personalised Learning Project' (PLP) programme. Pupils work on projects across their foundation subjects each half term. The project runs over a 4 to 5 week period with pupils being issued the required resources they need to complete the project/task.

Pupils only receive PLPs in foundation subjects each half term. English, Maths and Science homework is set separately and issued weekly.

PLPs are a celebration of the range of skills that Four Dwellings Academy pupils possess. The Academy believes that completing PLPs will help pupils develop their creative skills and become more independent learners.

There is a calendared programme for the PLPs which can be seen below.

The PLP resources are loaded on to Show My Homework for parents and pupils to access from home. Copies will be given out to pupils during lessons.

PLP_programme 2018_19.pdf
Four Dwellings Homework Timetable 2018.pdf