Parent & Community Advisory Board

Key Aims of the PCAB

  • To ensure the views of parents/carers are well understood and listened to by school leadership
  • To help the school make the most of its links to the local community
  • To promote a positive and accurate image of the school

Have Your Say

We very much welcome and encourage communication with all of our parents and local community.

Do you have other inspirational ideas for improving the school? Perhaps you have skills or resources that could benefit the school in some way? Possibly you see things being done you think could or should be improved? Would be interested in joining our PCAB? Whatever it is, we very much look forward to hearing from you.

Hear what some of our PCAB members have said at the bottom of the page,

Please get in touch via the form below or via our email contactus@fourdwellingsacademy.org


I'm Julie, parent of two sons at Four Dwellings Academy. I was invited to join the PCAB when my eldest son began at Four Dwellings Academy.

The PCAB is a great opportunity for the academy to get input from parents on how they feel the school is being run and their children's experience and education.

We discuss many topics including current, environmental and community issues, school developments, curriculum delivery, home learning, student career experiences and opportunities, healthy eating, student wellbeing and resilience amongst many other topics,

The meetings are friendly and welcoming and provide an excellent opportunity for you to have some involvement in the schools successes. The group is sometimes joined by our local councillor or school representatives who would like to share ideas and welcome your feedback.

It is a perfect opportunity to exchange views, ideas and make recommendations that you feel need to be made. As a parent it is a way of supporting the education and environment that your child is learning in. It would be lovely to welcome some new faces! If you are interested please use the enquiry form to submit your interest.’


‘Having previously been a Member of the Management Board for Four Dwellings Primary and Secondary Academy, I was then invited to be a part of the PCAB group. I have felt included in these meetings and my opinions have been listened to respectfully. This group gives parents the opportunity to find out more about what the students are doing within the academy.

At the last meeting we were discussing the possibility for the students to engage in projects within the community which I personally think is a fantastic idea. This is an ongoing work in progress and members of the PCAB are hoping to engage with local community groups so that students can engage with them. The more people we can have from the community in the PCAB, the more likelihood there is for connections within these local groups.

The meetings also look at ways in which the students can get support within the academy from a well-being point of view. As a member of the PCAB, there is the opportunity to add suggestions in addition as to what the academy is already doing for the students.

The meetings occur once a term so there is not too much commitment required from you if you would like to join us. It is a small, friendly, positive group who strives to find ways of improving the Academy life for the students and staff. You would be welcome to join us if you think that you can also make a positive impact within this group.’