GCSE- Knowledge is king

Within Geography GCSE, knowing the key content is absolutely essential- that is why we provide all students with a Knowledge Organiser for each subject unit. Students should use each of the Knowledge Organisers below to ensure that they know all of the subject content for each unit. This may include techniques such as: self-testing (read, cover, write, check); vocab and spelling tests; pre-reading (reading up on a topic before it is taught in class); knowledge gaps (identifying areas of weakness in their knowledge); and specific revision of areas such as chunking (breaking the information down into short bullet points)

Yr10- Yr11 Knowledge Organisers

Topic 1- Hazardous Earth

1 Hazardous Earth Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 2- Development Dynamics

2 Development Dynamics Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 3- Challenges of an Urbanising World

3 Challenges of an Urbanising World Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 4- The UK's Evolving Physical Landscape

4 Physical UK Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 5- the UK's Evolving Human Landscape

5 Evolving Human Landscape & Dynamic Cities Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 6- Coastal Fieldwork

6 Coasts Fieldwork Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 7- People and the Biosphere

7 Peope and the Biosphere Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 8- Forests Under Threat

8 Forests under threat Knowledge Organiser.pdf

Topic 9- Consuming Energy Resources

9 Consuming Energy Resources Knowledge Organiser.pdf