The Aim:

The aim of the employability programme is to develop skills and qualities which are important in the workplace. To gain an understanding of what may be expected of individuals in the workplace, identify skills and qualities that individuals may have and what they may need to improve on before entering the workplace. As well as looking at what students next steps may be whether it be college, sixth form or apprenticeship. We are also looking at developing ICT skills through ICT projects where they have to create a Business plan to open a shop. Another section of the project is to improve the reading ages of all students in the TFTF centre.


During these sessions students will look into what their next steps may be such as studying a levels or BTEC or work based education such as apprenticeships, traineeships, or working part time study with employment or volunteering. We will look at the financial benefits and support students can gain from the different types of education, resitting English and Maths if they do not achieve grade 4s. We will also look at the entry qualifications for students next steps whether that be college, sixth form or apprenticeship, as well as how to apply for these with a plan A and plan B. The sessions will also be looking at developing skills and qualities needed for when students leave and go on to their next steps.

Also during these sessions students will be completing an Asdan qualification in Careers and Experiencing work where they will study a number of different modules such as self-development, career exploration, career management, considering higher education or apprenticeship and preparing for the workplace.

Sport & Fitness

Students will be taught employability and life skills through sport. The students will perform different activities in order to develop different employability skills. These skills can be defined as transferable skills which can then make them employable, this will help to improve subject knowledge of what employers would like to see from employees and how they present them to employers. Students will also take part in Asdan short course qualifications such as Sport and Fitness and Football. During the Sport and Fitness unit students will study a number of different modules such as sports participation, health, fitness and nutrition, researching sport, sport in the community, coaching and officiating, the environment and working in sport.


The purpose of this unit is to develop students skills with ICT and the concept of setting up their own Business using £50000. With the money, students will plan how to spend the money using a Business plan, developing a logo, market research, Business recruitment and small business website planning. In addition to this student will also look into business finances. These skills will help students in the future if they were to become self employed and set up their own business.


In order to help improve student reading comprehension students will complete the star reading test every term in order to measure the improvement of reading ages, also students will be tested using the hodder reading test and re tested every term. To help improve reading ages students will be reading during English lessons both as a group and individually, as well as this students will also be using skills academy and myon online reading platforms to improve their reading.

Students will also be using some basic phonics work booklets which have been updated and used to be more engaging with current technology. They will be reading the story from google slide and then answering questions using full sentences on a google form. This will help to develop student literacy skills by using the quiz to answer questions, also it means staff are able to analyse students' answers to establish what work is required to help them progress.