History KS4 - Y10/1

KS4 Overview

Year 10 - The history curriculum in year 10 will build on key historical concepts that students would have learnt at key stage three. Students will study Medicine through time, an expansive view of 1000 years of medical progress in Britain. Students will learn about key historical developments, such as: vaccinations, antibiotics, government impacts on medicine and the NHS. This unit will assess the students ability to understand how and why medicine has changed over a period of time.

Students will study one British Depth unit, Anglo-Saxon and Norman England (989-1087). Students will learn about concepts such as economy, politics and society, in both Anglo-Saxon and Norman England. Students will study the Battle of Hastings, assessing the reasons for the Norman victory. Students will also assess the impact that the Norman invasion had on England.

Year 11 - Students will complete one world depth study, the Cold War (1945-1991). Students will learn key historical terminology, such as: communism, capitalism, NATO and democracy. Students will analyse the key events of the Cold War in both the United States and the Soviet Union. Students will also explore the ideologies of key historical figures on the mid twentieth century, as well as examine how they navigated through this key historical time period.

Finally, students will complete one Modern depth study, Weimar and Nazi Germany. Students will explore the impact of World War One on Germany, exploring the key developments in the inter-war years 1918-1945. Students will assess how Adolf Hitler rose to power. Students will also explore the policies, ideas and impacts of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party on Germany and global foreign affairs. This paper will include a variety of sources and interpretations for students to assess and analyse.

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