What are my option in performing art at Firth Park Academy?

At key stage 4 pupils can either choose Performing Arts Dance OR Drama as 1 of their options.

What is RSL Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts?

  • RSL courses are vocational, this means it is more true to real life!

  • A vocational course will provide you with the skills you need to continue this subject into the real world after school.

  • RSL course is not easier than a GCSE! In fact it is the equivalent to, and at the same level of one GCSE!

  • RSL’S are recognised and valued by colleges, Universities and employer

THERE IS ONE OPTIONAL UNIT TO COMPLETE AND IS CHOSEN BY THE TEACHER (it is internally Assessed) 50% of final grade

The drama units tought

  • Reading for performance

  • Performing Text

  • Working with mask and puppetry

  • Vocal Techniques (Acting)


  • This unit is externally marked by the exam board.

  • Students work in small groups.

  • The exam board provides a BRIEF with a scenario and a stimulus on which students must:

ACTING Performance : 4 – 10 minutes in duration.

The total time allowed for this assignment is 30 hours. Controlled Assessment Time

  • Task 1 – Planning for your live performance

You will research and plan ideas based on he given stimulus

  • Task 2 – The Performance

The performance must respond appropriately to the given stimulus and communicate your ideas clearly to a target audience of your choice.

  • Task 3 – Evaluation

Finally students evaluate their creative process, based on strengths and areas of improvement.

Important Docs

CAPA212 - Performing Text - Assignment Brief.docx
Copy of CAPA Technical Awards Syllabus May 2017.pdf

Key Resources

BBC Bitesize

Theatre Crafts

Spark Notes