Parent and Community Advisory Board (PCAB)

We are an advisory body who are a full and formal part of the Trust’s governance structure.

Our Goals:

· Community: To strengthen links between our school, our parents and our wider community of businesses and charities in order to improve the opportunities we offer students at our school

· Concerns: To represent the voice of the academy in order to communicate positively with all stakeholders, addressing concerns and proposing solutions

· Celebration: Championing the success of our school, promoting the reputation of our school and students

Our Qualities:

Communication - Creativity - Positivity - Problem-solving

Our role:

Alumni: To continue a connection with our successful past students through social media (Academy Twitter and Facebook) in order to benefit from their skills and celebrate their success

Award-winning: To nominate the students, staff and parents at our school for local and National Awards, securing funding for any awards/opportunities

Fundraising: Running and encouraging fundraising events which benefit our students and bring our whole community together

Listening and learning: Gathering parent, student and community voice on the reputation of the academy

Networking: Establishing connections to city-wide stakeholders for work experience, careers talks

Parental Awareness: Promoting initiatives and campaigns relating to personal development, behaviour and welfare

Participating on panels: Participating on complaint, exclusion or staff disciplinary panels as required

Responding to community concerns: Creating proactive responses ‘you said …, so we did …’

Our plans for recruitment of:

Parents: Write to all parents of Gold Learner status students (reflective of outstanding attendance, attitude and aspiration

Community members: Headhunt individuals with skills and connections that will benefit our school

Operating a PCAB size of no less than 3 and no more than 10 members

Meeting once every half term

Next meeting is Tuesday 24th April

Training events:

Purpose and activities:

All PCAB members will be involved in:

Listening and learning - Parental awareness -

Participating on panels - Responding to community concerns

PCAB members will then focus in particular on identified aspects of our role:

Alumni Award-winning Fundraising Networking

PCAB members will undertake at least one in-school day visit to the Academy each year to gather staff and student voice on the reputation of the academy and / or on an identified focus area of interest. Producing a report on the visit (like the example included in the Appendix).

Please contact Dean Jones (Principal) for more information -

To express your interest please fill in this form and return to our reception

PCAB form

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