Careers Education & Guidance Programme

Careers Education & Guidance Programme Statement

Firth Park Academy is committed to providing our students with a comprehensive programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and work related learning (WRL) for all students in years 7-11.

As an Academy we endeavour to work towards the CDI Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education 7-19 (November 2015), the DFE Careers guidance and inspiration in schools’ Statutory guidance (March 2015) and other good practice guidance from the Department of Education, Ofsted and other relevant bodies.

Careers and work related education is an important part of the wider curriculum that we offer within the academy to our students.

We believe that every individual should be prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, and that this preparation should be an important and distinctive element of the curriculum.

Our Careers Education Programme provides students with skills, knowledge, support and experience of the world of work to enable them to make informed career choices.

Another important element for our students is the access to independent and impartial advice and guidance, which supports them in broadening their horizons, raising aspirations and reaching their own careers aspirations.

This information has been pulled together in one place so that students and parents can access the information easily to assist the reader.

As highlighted above students will be making important pathway and career choices which will ultimately impact on their life. It is essential that parents and carers play an active role in exploring the options and choices which are best for their child.

Below is an overview of CEIAG:


CDI - Career Development Institute

DFE - Department for Education

From FPA Careers Guidance Statement – February 2017