Welcome to the Careers section

Firth Park Academy is committed to providing our students with a comprehensive programme of Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG). It is vital that we make sure our students are able to receive the guidance they need to make sensible choices as the move through each stage of their education and onto their chosen career.

Many students may leave unsure of their exact career path; however they will leave knowing the following:

  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to use a range of up to date resources to help research suitable careers, ideas and decision making.
  • Help with interpreting career information.
  • One to one support to help explore career ideas and gain confidence.
  • Ongoing sessions to improve skills e.g. CV and cover writing, interview techniques and what to do next.

We endeavour to follow the CDI Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education 7-19 (November 2015), and all additional guidance from the Department of Education and Ofsted. We believe that every student should be prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life and that this is an important element of the curriculum.

Alongside the support of our Careers Co-ordinator, parents and carers also have a responsibility to support their child. You as a parent/carer should have an active role in exploring options and choices, as this will impact on the rest of your child’s life.

We are enthusiastic to engage with businesses and organisations to enhance our careers education programme for our students.

University-led opportunities

We are always looking at new ways to raise the aspirations of all of our students. We already engage with University-linked projects such as Discover US (University of Sheffield) and SHU Mentoring (Sheffield Hallam University). In addition, our subject teachers also liaise with University departments to arrange visits for students to explore their subjects in more depth. Recent visits have included a Murder Mystery event held by the History and Archaeology Departments of Sheffield University and an Insight in to Hospitality and Food Technology with Sheffield Hallam University.

Preparing students for employment

We understand the importance of preparing our young people for the world of work. Our aim is to ensure that all students have a clear idea of the changing world of employment and the skills and qualities they will need, along with their qualifications, to succeed within it. We are committed to ensuring that all Y10 students have the opportunity take part in at least one Work Experience placement during Year 10. We are also part of the Employer-driven Cutler’s “Made in Sheffield” Ambassador Programme, with students currently in the STEM, Cultural and NHS strands of the programme enjoying additional opportunities to gain invaluable experience from employers in the workplace. In addition, we are committed to exposing our students to as many employer-led contacts as we can – recent examples include our top set Y11 Maths students working with the Chartered Institute of Insurers (CII), our Y10 Business students visiting the Coca Cola bottling plant and our Y11 Job Seekers attending the annual "Be Inspired" Apprenticeship Event at Ponds Forge.

If you are interested in working in partnership with us or keen to offer opportunities to our students or academy, please contact our Careers Coordinator:

Mr L Collins via email or via telephone on 0114 257 6238

Availability: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (8.30am – 4.00pm)

As Firth Park Academy does not have the option of staying on for post-16 qualifications, students will need to consider applying to another school for sixth form, college or an apprenticeship. It is important that our students give themselves enough time to think about this, it is never too early to start to think about your options and chosen career path.

FPA Careers Education & Guidance Programme Statement