Safe Return Plans and Coronavirus Information

Stay Apart • Stay Clean • Stay Safe

Keeping your Children Safe - Main Points

  • All people entering/exiting the building must wash/sanitise their hands.

  • Pupils and staff will have their temperatures taken on entry to school when necessary.

  • All adults must keep 1m+ apart at all times.

  • All classes of 30 will become a bubble. Each bubble will not come into contact with any other bubble during their time at school - separate breaktimes/lunchtimes etc.

  • All lunches will be eaten in classrooms. Packed lunches can be brought in normal bags.

  • Coats and belongings will be kept in classrooms. Only essential items to be brought into school.

  • Enhanced cleaning will continue at least twice daily.

  • Children will use personalised equipment - their own pencils/books etc.

Feversham Primary - Safe Return to School Plan

Start and End Times

Start and end times are staggered to prevent crowding at the school gates so that social distancing can be kept.

Nursery (2 year old):AM: 9.00 - 11.15 PM: 12:15 - 2.45 (after their transition week) Harewood Street entrance gate

Nursery (3 year old) AM: 8.45 - 11.15 PM: 12.15 - 2.45 (start on 14th September) (after their transition week) Harewood Street entrance gate

Reception: 8.30 - 2.50 (after their two weeks transition ) Harewood Street entrance gate

Years 1 - 6 8.30 - 2.50

Drop off and pick up points are the same as before the lockdown.

Arrival and Departure Rules

  • Arrive at the specified times for the year group

  • Arrive at the specified gate for your year group

  • Maintain social distancing at all times

  • Follow any posters and/or markings at all times

  • Follow any instructions given by any member of staff on duty at these times

  • Do not wait near the gate once you have dropped your child off or picked them up - go home straight away

The AET Safe Return Pledge (September)