Ordering Process for Academy Uniform

Parents and Carers will now be able to order their child’s Felixstowe Academy uniform via a dedicated website.

In order to provide a more efficient service, the supply of branded uniform will only be available from our supplier here.

All students in Years 7 to 11 are required to wear an Academy uniform, details of which are given below. It is expected that all students will maintain a high standard of dress within the Academy at all times.

Should you have any technical problems ordering on line, please contact the main reception on 01394 288228.

Size 50" and 52" Boys and Girls blazers are available, please contact the Academy if you require either of these sizes.

In the case of family hardship, the Governing Board invites parents/carers to apply in confidence for financial support. Such requests should be addressed to Mrs S Flint, Business Manager.

Identification Cards

At the start of the academic year after having their school photos, all new Year 7 students will be presented with an identification card and lanyard. All other students must bring their existing identification card with them. The wearing of their identification card and lanyard is part of the Academy uniform.

Guidance for Academy Uniform

The main uniform items are listed below and many, such as shirts, trousers and sports kit are available from a wide variety of retailers and uniform stockists at reasonable prices.

Standard Uniform

PE Kit

Our Uniform Policy can be found on our Policies page here.

As you will be aware the Academy issued an amended Uniform Policy which is active from 7th September 2015. The Academy notified all parent/carers of the changes via letter on 26th June 2015. It provided a synopsis of the changes to the Uniform policy as you have outlined, however it did also state that the full policy was available online to ensure clarity in expectations.

Please see visual guidance that illustrates suitable and unsuitable footwear:

The guidance taken from the policy in terms of suitable footwear and how it will be managed is below:

"Plain black leather or leather look shoes (with black laces if tie-up style) without decoration, coloured trim or logos (not open toe design, trainers, pump or canvas shoes, no stilettos, mules or sling backs, a proper heel not greater than 4cm - no coloured laces or stitching). Trainer style shoes and boots are not allowed."

Therefore any trainer which includes Vans and Converse shoes will no longer be allowed to be worn.

Students in incorrect uniform will be dealt with as set out below, again taken directly from the policy.

"4.4 Footwear- The Academy wants all students to grow into healthy adults. We believe that it is dangerous for students to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels in the Academy, so we do not allow this. Neither do we allow students to wear trainers to the Academy; these are appropriate for sport or as leisurewear, but are not in keeping with the smart appearance of an Academy uniform. We require all students to wear the types of shoe described in the uniform list.

4.5 Incorrect uniform- Uniform is checked rigorously every morning at the door by members of the Academy Leadership Team, Achievement Directors and Pastoral Support Managers. Form Tutors and Class Teachers will check students' uniform throughout the day. If a student is found to be wearing incorrect uniform their parent/carers will be contacted and they will be sent home to change and will not be able to return to the Academy until this issue has been rectified. This is a decision we have not taken lightly, as we endeavour to raise standards and work in partnership with our students, parents/carers. However, we genuinely feel that along with the clear uniform policy on the website and the various assemblies and newsletters that have covered uniform that we are left with no alternative."