Why is the attendance of your child so important...

Felixstowe Academy is committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all students and recognises this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent attendance for all. This is based on the belief that only by attending the Academy regularly and punctually will students and young people be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. High attainment depends on good attendance.

Research also shows the positive impact that good attendance has on the academic achievement of students:

  • 94% = Very good chance of 5A* - C Grades.
  • 93% = Good chance of 5A* - Grades.
  • 92% = Fair chance of 5A* - Grades.
  • 90% = Less than 50% chance of 5A* - Grades.
  • 88% = Less than 35% chance of 5A* - Grades.
  • < 88% Less than 30% chance of 5A* - Grades.

The whole Academy community – students, parents and carers, teaching and support staff and Academy governors – have a responsibility for ensuring good attendance and have important roles to play.

The prime responsibility for ensuring students receive an appropriate and full-time education rests with parent/carers (defined by the Education Act 1996 as those with parental responsibility and those who have the care of a student), who will be supported and encouraged by Felixstowe Academy.

Therefore, Felixstowe Academy expects parents/carers to:

  • make sure their child arrives at the Academy on time – 8.25am for 8.30am start of tutor time;
  • ensure that their child attends the Academy regularly and provide a note of explanation if s/he is absent;
  • support their child’s attendance by keeping requests for absence to a minimum;
  • not expect the Academy to automatically agree any requests for absence, and not condone unjustified absence from the Academy;
  • make sure their child brings to the Academy whatever they need for the day (e.g. P.E. kit, pens and pencils etc.);
  • ensure that their child wear Academy uniform in line with the Academy policy;
  • attend progress evenings to discuss their child’s progress;
  • share with the Academy any problems or concerns which might affect their child’s behaviour or work;
  • encourage their child to do their best at all times in the Academy;
  • actively support their child in homework and other opportunities for home learning;
  • support Felixstowe Academy’s policies and guidelines for behaviour;
  • get to know about their child’s life at the Academy.

Parents/carers are also expected to:

  • notify Felixstowe Academy on the first day of absence by telephoning the absence line (01394 288122) to report the absence.

From September 1 2014, Suffolk County Council changed the Code of Conduct for the Penalty Notices to tackle non-attendance in schools/academies. Please take a moment to view Suffolk County Council's Code of Conduct by clicking here.

Attendance Documents

Please find below documents relating to attendance enquiries:

Our Attendance Policy can be found on our Policies page here.