Examination Results

GCSE Exam Results Report 2018

Students at Felixstowe Academy are today celebrating a marked improvement in their Maths and English combined GCSE results of 55% Grade 9-4. In addition to this eight academy students secured the new highest grade 9 in their subjects, of which about 4% of entries nationally where able to achieve. Part of Academies Enterprise Trust, the academy has performed well under the new, tougher GCSE exams.

In Physics and Biology students did particularly well, with 86% and 81% respectively achieving Grade 4 and above, as well as 100% of Health and Social Care, 90% of Catering and 95% of Photography students.

The new grade 9 was designed to reward the very brightest and best students across the country. Among many happy students on GCSE results day were eight students who achieved Grade 9’s in one or more subjects. Grade 9 is the highest grade, set above the old A* awarded to the top 5% of students. The exams watchdog, Ofqual, says fewer grade 9s will be awarded than A*s and that anyone who gets a 9 will have "performed exceptionally". Students achieving Grade 9’s in Year 11 were Eva Porter (English, History, Spanish), Ally McKinnon (Geography and Citizenship), Charlotte Caley (Physics), Jordan Glass (Geography), David Mazur (English), and Samuel Walker (Maths). Equally impressive were two Year 10 students, James Cameron and Will Gibbs, also secured Grade 9 after sitting their Maths GCSE a year early.

(Pictured left to right: Ally McKinnon, Tessa England, Sam Walker, David Mazur, Charlotte Caley and Eva Porter)

Ally McKinnon was all smiles as he celebrated his superb results with friends. In addition to his Grade 9 results, Ally gained an A grade in ICT, Grade 8 in Maths and Sciences and Grade 6 in both English exams. Ally said ‘I just want to thank the academy for all their support. Teachers were so helpful and the way revision clubs were organised through the year was so well planned that I could attend all my core subject areas. I really want to especially thank Miss Watson, Mr Jones and Mr James for all their encouragement and support.’

Year 10 student James collected his Maths result with mum and sister Hayley. A delighted James said ‘I really enjoy maths and even enjoyed the exam. It feels really good to have a grade 9!’ He went on to add ‘I want to say thanks to my teachers Mr Wanner and Mr Jones for their support and the time they gave him for extra study.’ James is pleased to get the exam out of the way a year early and plans to start his AS Level Maths course in September, as well as focus on his other GCSEs.

James’ mum, who also sat her Maths exam early when she was at school, was rightly proud of her son’s achievement saying ‘I am so pleased for James, he really deserved it as he worked so hard to sit the exam. I am also grateful to the academy for showing confidence in him and supporting his early GCSE entry.’

Also celebrating with students was Anthony Williams, Principal of Felixstowe Academy. Mr Williams said ‘We are extremely pleased with our improved headlines figures in Maths and English, and that 88% of subjects have seen an improvement in the number of students securing a 4 or above. This was achieved through the willingness of students to be fully committed and engaged in lessons, revision sessions and booster workshops throughout their course. We have seen a marked improvement in the quality of teaching, high expectations and support from our teaching staff.’

‘As with our A level achievements we are delighted with the proportion of students who have achieved the very highest grades across a range of subjects. This was a very special year group, and I would like to thank them and the teaching staff for the positive outcomes this year.’

Many students were accompanied by equally nervous parents, keen to support their children in one of the biggest moments of their lives so far. Joe Wray’s parents were ‘pleased and proud for him’ as he opened his envelope. Joe added ‘I am really chuffed to have passed all my subjects! Year 11 went so quickly, but I am so pleased to have got the grades needed for my next course.’

Other students celebrating included Annabelle Ansell and Hannah Lygo who shared that their positive Results Day represented a triumph academically and personally. Hannah, who was particularly pleased with her A grades in Health and Social Care and ICT, shared that ‘I didn’t expect to get these great results. There were times when I felt my anxiety over facing the exams might overcome me actually entering the exam hall, but my friends and teachers were amazing in their support. The hard work paid off!’

Tessa England and Jess Ozanne also praised the support of staff during the exam period. Tessa highlighted the support she received in Science saying ‘Mr Ward was brilliant at helping me cope with the stress before the Science exams. I feel really good now though, with results that were better than I hoped with Grade 7 in both my Science exams! Who’d of thought I would get that!’

Jess went on to add ‘I’d really like to thank Mrs Sherwin for her help over the last year. I really enjoyed our lessons and she helped me achieve the highest mark I could get in Maths which I’m so happy about. I’d also like to thank Mr Wren in music, as he gave up his time to help me to get what I needed to succeed, and the work really paid off.’

Many teachers were present through the morning to share with students as they opened their envelopes, as Results Day often marks the end of shared personal journeys. One example was Imogen Cochrane and Mrs Dockery who celebrated together as Immie discovered she had achieved Grade 6 in both English Language and English Literature. Mrs Dockery shared ‘Immie had real crisis of confidence during the year, even though I knew she was such a capable student. We asked the students with write a letter to themselves to remind them about focussing on the bigger picture and to reaffirm their strengths. I am so proud of Immie’s achievement.’

Immie added ‘I am so grateful to Mrs Dockery for having confidence and belief in me to succeed. Although it was a real challenge my grades are so much better than I had hoped. I am so happy!’

Julian Drinkall, Chief Executive Officer of AET, extended his congratulations to the academy saying Our congratulations go out to all students and staff at Felixstowe Academy – it’s always difficult getting to grips with a new exam system, but students have done extremely well and their hard work and focus over the last two years have clearly paid off. Particular congratulations to Eva, Charlotte, David, and Samuel – they are part of a very small and elite group of students across the country and deserve to be recognised.’

‘At AET, we are committed to providing an education that paves the way for our students to go on and live remarkable lives and we wish all of our students the very best for the next step they take on that journey, whether it is further study or going into training or employment.’

‘The future is looking very positive, and my congratulations to everyone who is celebrating these results today.’