Specialist Leaders of Education

Why Choose the AET Teaching School Alliance?

Academies Enterprise Trust Teaching School Alliance works in a variety of locations and contexts across the country, supporting schools from all phases. Inclusive collaboration is at the heart of the teaching school alliance.

As an AET specialist leader of education (SLE), you will complement a talented pool of outstanding practitioners who are currently engaged in developing a self-improving system through the system leadership approach. This provides a sustainable school improvement programme of support across the alliance by ‘working with’ rather than ‘doing to’. You will work with our curriculum support team who will help with our deployment and training.

Training and development opportunities coupled with quality mentoring and coaching supports individual schools self-improvement. The sharing of good or outstanding practice is the on-going aim of the alliance so that schools and staff will not only be recipients of support and development but can also be providers, working across the alliance to build breadth, depth, flexibility and capacity.

As an SLE you will have access to our highly effective school improvement tools have been used in a range of socio-economic areas, including the most deprived Ward in the country, with great success. We believe in building the capacity of leaders (at all levels) to take responsibility for their own school’s continuous and sustainable improvement.

If you have the drive, enthusiasm and passion to make a difference to the lives of children by being an outstanding specialist leader of education, then you are an ideal candidate for our Teaching School Alliance.