Leadership Behaviours

Please use the criteria below to view the programmes, resources and tools that will support your development in each area.

In order to embed leadership throughout the organisation and secure leaders for the future, the aim is to actively encourage and develop leadership potential at all levels - in developing the academies it is agreed that everyone has a leadership role. We believe effective leaders are fundamental in creating a working climate in which all individuals can excel, contribute and share in this vision. In order to do this we believe that, working in a climate of trust, all leaders should focus on three key elements.

For each of these elements we have created a suite of training programmes, resources and reading to support individuals in developing and extending their skills, knowledge and understanding and create truly effective leaders at all levels of the organisation.

1. Setting standards & delivering world class outcomes

2. Developing self and ensuring continuous development

Being an effective leader requires an appetite for learning, an intellectual curiosity, the willingness to take risks, admit mistakes and learn from others. These qualities must be matched with high level skills and the commitment to take responsibility for your own professional development. This includes:

3. Working with others and building high performing teams

We cannot reach and sustain world class standards unless we put high priority on the development of all staff and recognise that the role of the coach within the development of high performing organisations is critical in sustaining progress. As effective leaders, therefore, we must continuously build the capability of others and this includes: