Our Mastery Flow Model

'Fluency with the unfamiliar'

Within our increasingly global and technologically driven world, the ability of our young people to become champions of flexibility and the unfamiliar is crucial. As a result, our trust values and Mastery Flow teaching model are at the core of our drive to prepare young people for the modern world. Our mission, vision and values can be found here.

Our Mastery Flow Teaching Model (initially championed in mathematics from 2013) is spreading through other subjects. The model maps out the learning journey of a learning objective. The desired outcome of the learning journey is mastery. We define mastery as:

'Fluency with the Unfamiliar'

The video below is from Newington Primary Academy in Hull. It shares the Mastery Flow Model in practice.


National articles on maths mastery can be found here

NCETM workshop materials:





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