Condensed Curriculum 9 - 1

This page is dedicated to resources and ideas aimed at supporting all students who are following either the foundation or higher tier curriculum. The topics selected have been carefully chosen to represent core learning in year 11 based on the successes of a number of our schools. Please note this is still a work in progress and if you have any great resources that promote conceptual understanding and problem solving, then let us know.

We have analysed the June 2017 9-1 live test papers and have found that this core list of topic covered 66% of all higher tier questions, 87% of the crossover content and 81% of foundation tier. Please find our analysis here.

Each link in the list will take you to one of the key topics all students in year 11 should aim to master. These are split into 3 areas:


This is normal practice content which most students and teachers are familiar with. Ideally these resources could be used to support a 'Flipped' learning model.


It is vital that students, even at this late stage, are exposed to activities that promote conceptual understanding. This will support retention leading up to the exam.


This section provides questions that require greater problem solving skills. Even our weakest students need to develop experience at tackling non routine tasks and this will be even more important as we move towards 2017.

Assessing Pupil Progress

One of the best ways to measure the progress of your year 11 students is to collect evidence across a range of sources. Ability to perform under exam conditions is of course very important but you may wish to consider building information based on classwork, homework, exit questions, discussions etc. This can become a powerful self assessment tool in the build up to the June exam and can help you distinguish between topics that need serious attention and those that students just need to brush up on.

The condensed curriculum self assessment sheet sheet below can be issued to students to place in their books and use as a RAG document across the different types of assessment above. We also suggest teachers have a copy of this on their classroom wall to help them keep track of teaching coverage.

Link here