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We have adapted the Edexcel 2 year higher tier scheme of work and emphasised the key learning objectives that match our condensed curriculum model. This model covered at least 66% of the higher tier June 17 assessment and at least 81% of foundation . We have also produced 9 topic assessments that you can use as you deliver this scheme.

Our most successful schools are committed to a higher tier curriculum. We believe that all learners are entitled to experience mathematics at this level and that it ultimately raises aspirations if the topics are chosen carefully.

Multiple Topic Starters

These can be used at the start of every year 11 lesson to reinforce key topics and ensure students gain access to a high number of critical topics building up to the GCSE examination.

Just maths bread and butter resources

Algebra skills builder

Corbett maths 5 a day

Revision Mats

Intervention Resources

This folder of resources contains all of the bespoke revision mats we have built to support final preparations for this year's GCSE.

Link here

A Effective Use of Proportion Grids

B Using tables to organise thinking.

C Frequency tables and exam questions.

D Quick wins above the crossover

E Bar Skills

A great set of topic based exam booklets to support individual needs.

You tube has hundreds of video clips that are freely available. Here is our collection of some of the better quality providers.





Cold Assessment

Used by most of our academies, Methodmaths is an important tool that supports the AET intervention strategy. The best way to measure the impact of your interventions is to assess your learners a few weeks after the intervention has taken place. Methodmaths will enable you to find sets of questions from the new 9-1 curriculum for students to work on online.The growing folder of resources above will help departments make effective use of this website.

When teachers login they will notice a red analytics tool. For Line Managers and HODs, this will enable them to monitor how classes within their school are engaging with methodmaths. For Teachers, they can check on their groups and individuals to find out when they last logged in and how many marks they have collected. Marks accumulated can be viewed over the last day, week, month and ever. EXAMPLE

Condensed Curriculum Lessons and Student workbooks 30/11/18

Link here

Condensed Curriculum Mapping against June 2018 test papers 30/11/2018

Link here

AET Heatmaps 30/11/18

Link here

Revision Materials 20/04/18

This folder of resources contains all of the bespoke revision mats we have built to support final preparations for this year's GCSE.

Link here

27/04/2017 EDEXCEL Problem Solving Booklets for 9-1

These booklets of questions are excellent if you want to focus on problem solving questions for the new 9 to 1 exam.

Foundation Set 1

Foundation Set 2

Higher Set 1

Higher Set 2

Worked solutions in the form of a powerpoint and mobile phone walkthrough will follow by early next week.

Test paper


23/05/2016 GCSE Curve Ball Paper

Here is quite a nice paper produced by Corbettmaths containing lots of the classic curve ball questions.

Curve Ball Questions

23/05/2016 GCSE Problem solving Booklet

Great set of general GCSE problem solving questions produced by the White Rose Maths Hub.



12/05/2016 Top of the Pops Non Calculator 2016

This booklet contains a selection of non calculator questions which have appeared most frequently over time. They have been drawn from the B specification so should be less familiar. Link here

Solutions Powerpoint

Mobile devices

05/05/2016 Extra Starter Materials for DC students

In June 2015, there were 60 marks out of 200 relating to Geometry and Measures topics. The national average was 25 and the average for C grade students was 18. In some of our schools this dropped to 8 marks for students who achieved less than a C.

This booklet of questions tackles 5 of the key geometry topics. Where possible, questions have been chosen with a problem solving element to them. There is also a section on more general topics for students pushing from B to A grade. Link here

Here is a walkthrough of the DC content for students. Link here

20/04/2016 Top of the Pops November 2015

Please find here an updated version of our Top of the Pops analysis which highlights key GCSE topics that regularly appear and those which have not shown up for a while. The spreadsheet is currently sorted by most popular non calculator questions. Click here

07/01/2016 Champagne and Caviar WORKSHEETS!!

Following lots of requests, here are our mobile phone starters as normal worksheets. Click here

07/01/2016 Mock results analysis service

To help all of our subject leaders analyse the summative results of each mock and to support consistency in predictions across our network, we would like all of our schools to send us the following raw data spreadsheet. Please download this excel file, complete and then send to your regional leader.

Champagne and Caviar Starter Worksheets for MOBILE PHONES

These sheets have been compiled to support your students develop success across 5 harder topics. They all depend on proportional thinking and we have developed a nifty approach that makes B and A grade topics accessible to all. To make these activities a bit different we have put them into google forms so that students can tackle them on their phones or tablet devices. The word document below contains all of the links which you can share with your students.

Complete this activity first with your students to establish strategies for solving proportion tables.

Topics covered: Reverse Percentages, Stratified Sampling, Similar Shapes (extending to area and volume), Trigonometry (Right and Non Right angled) and Advanced Proportion.

Issue this link to students where they can access all of the forms.


Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 1a Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 1b Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 1c Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 1d Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 1e Live form


Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 2a Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 2b Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 2c Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 2d Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 2e Live form


Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 3a Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 3b Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 3c Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 3d Live form

Champagne and Caviar Starter Sheet 3e Live form

Secondary Mathematics Resources