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Character Curriculum in a nutshell

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The AET Pupil is a character curriculum and works alongside academic knowledge and skills. We define this as everything a pupil needs to be successful in life, beyond the academic

It signposts the competencies and skills needed to thrive in the modern world. It supports our passion for academic excellence and empowers pupils to access academic knowledge and skills with greater confidence. The AET pupil enables children to launch their remarkable lives.

The AET Pupil celebrates timeless skills, transferable skills, the skills that do not rely on subject, context or job. It reminds us why we entered the world of education and why we became teachers and also reminds us of what is critically important, to prepare pupils for their future.

In 1800 one could predict with confidence what the world would look like in 1832, but the world is changing faster than ever before. We have no idea how the world will look in 2050; we don’t really know what specific academic skills people will need. Yoval Noah Harari suggested we currently invest a lot of effort teaching pupils how to programme using C++ and speak a foreign language, but what if in 2050 Google invents an automatic voice translator that works in real time and Apple invents an Artificial Intelligence that codes anything we ask.

Alongside academic skills and knowledge we must teach our pupils the character competencies and skills that will last a lifetime, in any unfamiliar context.

Underpinned by three elements:

  1. Identify their remarkable - A character framework

  2. Grow their remarkable - Remarkable experiences

  3. Celebrate their remarkable - Pupil celebration book and resources to capture their remarkable

Principles for implementation

Adapt not adopt

AET pupil is a signpost of success, not a prescriptive model

The model provides an opportunity for pupils to celebrate their remarkable

Past attempts

Over the years there have been a wide range of frameworks to tackle what many refer to as personal skills. These have included the Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills and the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. The challenge with these many attempts is that the skills required have changed as culture and environment have changed, as a result, many of these attempts were not future proof.

AET Pupil Video

The AET pupil is built on the relationships that a human being has throughout its lifetime. The only constant throughout our history has been the relationships between people. This character curriculum deals with the roots of what it is to be human. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Secondary Posters

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Passport/sticker book template
A4 Remarkable Lives Certificate templates SHA
A5 Remarkable Lives postcard templates


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