Virtual Sports Week 2020

Welcome to Columbus' Virtual Sport Week!

We are very excited to be bringing sports day to your homes this year!

The Sports Competition is in replacement of our usual Olympic Legacy Days and also in celebration of National Sports Week. The virtual Columbus Sports week will commence Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June. You will have all week to take part in a series of sporting challenges and record your results! There will also be lots of fun activities for you to do such as create your own sports t-shirt and your own sports medal.

All Columbus staff and students can take part and we would love to see your family join in too.

Certificates will be presented for:

  • Dream team

The Class that completed the most challenges including the staff

  • Sports Super Star

The person that completes the most challenges

  • Best Sports Costume

The most creative costume

  • Bronze Award

One photo or video uploaded to the Class Dojo of a completed challenge

  • Silver Award

Two to Five photos or videos uploaded to the Class Dojo of completed challenges

  • Gold Award

Six or more photos or videos uploaded to the Class Dojo of completed challenges

See the 10 'Challenges' and score sheets below you can choose if you would like to do the Advanced or Beginner Challenges. You can also complete the challenge once, or as many times as you like over the course of the week.

Good luck to all participants and we are looking forward to seeing your remarkable performances! Please remember to get lots of photos and videos :)

Click here to see the 10 Challenges and score sheet here

Challenges Scoring Sheet []

Click here to see the 10 Beginner Challenges and score sheet here

Beginner Challenge Score Sheet []

Click here for some Sports Day resources you can do at home:

Home Sports Day Bunting.pdf []

Home Sports Day Design a Poster.pdf []

Olympic Colouring Sports Sheets.pdf []

Design A Olmypic Kit.pdf []

Design A Medal.pdf []

Design A New Mascot.pdf []

Redesign The Olympic Logo.pdf []

Colour The Olympic Rings.pdf []

Make a Fruit Kebab []

Make Your Own Olympic Torch.pdf []

Olympic Number Formation []

Olympics Letter Formation []

Home Sports Day Wordsearch.pdf []

Home Sports Day Acrostic Poem.pdf []

Paper aeroplane challenge []

Olympic Mindfullness Colouring.pdf []

Click to see all the challenges here! Good Luck

Challenge 1.

How many Socks can you throw into the washing basket in 1 minute?

Note: The further away you stand from the basket the harder it is!

Challenge 1. Sock Target Throw 1 min.jpg []

Watch Amy take on the Challenge!

Target Throw with Amy! []

Challenge 2.

Can you walk, jog or run for 5 minutes?

Note: You can do more than 5 minutes if you really want a challenge!

Challenge 2 - Walk or Jog for 5 mins.jpg []

Challenge 3.

How many squats can you do in one minute?

Note: Use a chair to stand up and sit down.

Challenge 3. 1 min of Squats []

Watch Amy take on the squat challenge!

Challenge 3. 1 minute of Squats.jpg []

Squats with Amy []

Challenge 4.

How long can you balance a book on your head for?

Note: Make it harder and try on one leg!

Challenge 4. Book Balance.jpg []

Challenge 4. Book Balance 1 leg.jpg []

Challenge 5.

How many sock bounces can you do in a minute? (use a frying pan or a tennis racket)

Note: If this is difficult for you, see if a friend can help steady your hand

Challenge 5. Sock Bounces (Frying pan or racket... []

Watch Nikki give the Challenge a go!

Sock Keepie Uppies with Nikki []

Challenge 6.

Complete a dance routine - try just dance on youtube or a tik tok!

Note: Put on a funky outfit, there will be a prize for the best fancy dress!

Challenge 6 - Just Dance or Tik Tok.jpg []

Challenge 7.

Create your own obstacle course and complete it 3 times

Note: Use household items to create it, the most adventurous wins a prize!

Challenge 7. Create own Obstacle Course.jpg []

Challenge 8.

How many laps of your lounge can you do balancing an egg on a spoon!

Note: If you are worried about the egg breaking use a pair of socks or a lime/lemon instead.

Challenge 8. Egg and Spoon Laps.jpg []

Challenge 9.

Make a paper aeroplane and see how far you can throw it!

Challenge 9. Paper Aeroplane throw.jpg []

Challenge 9. Paper Aeroplane Throw.jpg []

Paper aeroplane challenge []

Challenge 10.

Football Challenges -

Choose one or more of James Football Challenges to complete

Challenge 10. Football Challenge []

Challenge 10. Football Challenge.jpg []

Videos of James taking on the challenges!

Football Challenge 1 with James []

Football Challenge 2 with James []

Football Challenge 3 with James []

Here are the beginner challenges! Good Luck everyone! Remember to share your photos on Class Dojo.

Challenge 1. Grasp and drop 5 pairs of socks into a basket, bowl, cup

Note: Stretch side to side, use both hands, reach over your midline, reach high and low and practice them grasping and releasing skills.

Challenge 1. Grasp and Drop []

Challenge 1 - Grasp and Drop 5 pairs.jpg []

Challenge 2. How many laps can you complete in 5 to 10 minutes

Note: You could do this in various places such as yoru lounge, the driveway, the street or at the local park. Try using one of the following walk, jog, walker, tricycle, wheelchair

Challenge 2. Walker, Tricyle, Chair .jpg []

Challenge 3. Family Nature Challenge! How many natural objects can you reach out and collect or explore on your walk?

Note: Take some photos of the objects you find

Challenge 3. Family Nature Challenge []

Challenge 4. Set your own physio challenge suited to you!

Note: Some ideas:

Can you sit cross legged with support (or independently)

Can you sit on a bench with support

How many times can you sit to stand

Can you reach for the sky 10 times

How many times can you bend and stretch those legs

Can you roll onto your tummy and then onto your back

Challenge 4. Physio Challenge []

Challenge 5. Balloon Tennis

Note: Play with your family members. Can you reach out and touch the balloon? Can you trask the balloon as it moves through the air? Can you keep the balloon off of the floor?

Challenge 5. Balloon Tennis.jpg []

Challenge 6. Complete a dance routine. Use Just Dance or Tik Tok.

Note: Put on a funky outfit and move your body! Best outfit gets a prize - use ribbons, homemade instruments or scarfs to make it super fun!

Challenge 6. Just Dance Routine []

Challenge 7. Create your own obstacle race. Complete 3 times

Note: Use household items to create i.e. travel under a blanket, travel over a bump, salom around the toilet rolls! Get creative

Challenge 7. Obstacle Course.jpg []

Challenge 8. Homemade Bowling

Note: Create a makeshift bowling ramp (could use boxes) and knock down some house hold items (tins, cups, etc)

Challenge 8. Homemade Bowling []

Challenge 9. Put some objects in a bowl of water and see if you can explore them

Note: Practice your grasping skills to get them out of the bowl

IMG_9896.jpg []

Challenge 10. Football Challenges - get them legs moving

Note: Work on your leg stretches, try to knockdown items usch as water bottles, tins, skittles, toilet rolls, etcs)

Challenge 10. Football and Leg Movement.jpg []