Admissions - Advice for Parents and Carers

Admissions to Columbus School and College take place following a period of consultation between the Statutory Assessment Service, Planning and Provision (SASP&P) and the school.

All young people admitted to Columbus must have a full EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) or be in the process of having their EHCP finalised. For our youngest pupils, the EHCP process may not have yet started; in this case, admissions can still proceed following consultation via other specialist reports and implementation of the process cited below.

Columbus welcomes visits by prospective parents and carers who wish to look around and see a special school ‘in action’.

We are always happy to offer advice and support to parents even if their child may not eventually be admitted to the school.

When papers are received from SASP&P regarding a prospective pupil the school will begin a rigorous internal process to ascertain if the child would be suitably placed in its provision. The appropriate Head of Learning arranges to visit the child’s current school to see them or will visit an alternative location if more appropriate to do so.

The Phase Leader then produces a report for discussion with the Principal who will make the final decision as to whether Columbus is a suitable provision. This decision is then shared with SASP&P.

Once this information is received by SASP&P, it is ultimately their decision as to whether Columbus is named on the child’s EHCP. If Columbus is named, then the admission process can begin. Following the admission being agreed the Columbus team will liaise with families to arrange suitable transition and familiarisation arrangements.

Any prospective parents or colleagues who would like to visit the school should telephone the school on 01245 491492 to make an appointment. Columbus is prepared to consider approaches from families of children and young people outside the Mid-Essex area.

We hope you will find this information on admissions and the information contained in various other areas of the website useful and informative if you are a parent or carer.

March 2022