Danbury blog 2019


Day 1 dawned with 100 eager CCA students anticipating a Spectacular Danbury 2019. They were not disappointed as, after a sing song on the coaches, we arrived to sunshine, a packed lunch and straight into activities.

We had Ventriloquists,Jugglers and Snake Charmers Canoeing and contortionists and Lion Tamers Wall Climbing! Unicyclists and Strongmen built bridges ( literally) with the Obstacle Course proving no obstacle to our Acrobats and Trapeze Artists. Mime Artists were great Bush Crafters but couldn’t tell us “obviously “

We ate a sumptuous roast chicken dinner and chocolate cake before rocking the Marquee with the Danbury ‘19 Fashion Show. Points mean prizes and hot chocolate sealed Day 1 with all our Campers ready to be one of the most enthusiastic and spectacular groups ever.


A late evening chat over hot chocolate and biscuits about settling into Camp and the spectacular activities enjoyed by all, plus what it means to be a Contortionist or a CCA Snake Charmer, meant a relatively quiet 1st night and we woke up to a full English, cereal and yogurt to set our students up for a full day of both Danbury and CCA staff led activities.

The morning activities ranged from Strongmen and Unicyclists doing the Leap of Faith, to Bush Craft and Raft building experts the Snake Charmers and Ventriloquists telling the Caving Jugglers their exploits ! Lion Tamers were seen on the Zip Wire ,with smiles on every face, as they flew past the Mime Artists taking aim at Archery.

A quick get together over a Lunch of jacket potatoes ,and various hot and cold fillings plus salad ,came before CCA activities for the afternoon sessions. Staff were thoroughly enjoying the whole team involvement of researching team names by making posters full of facts and Circus themes for the “Big Top” marquee and the great use of leadership and imagination required to “ Think outside the Box”.

Maths threw wellies to prove “ Don’t be “ mean” and Flea Circus models adorned the Big Top. Free time was appreciated for quiet chats and cricket, vortex and football until we enjoyed pasta and garlic bread together and battled to win the Big Danbury Quiz !

Tired campers have had a great day,and been a credit to CCA on every level,bringing the fun of the fair to Danbury .

Roll up, Roll up for Day 3 !


Camp reflected a 2nd night under the stars with the students happy to wake at a slightly more sensible time of 6:30(ish) ! The golden rule of “ 3 is the key” is now part of their daily mantra and everyone is looking for extra opportunities to “ point score” for their team in the hope of winning the week.

Breakfast was continental and it was warmly welcomed with the prospect of Danbury led activities from 9 until 3. We had BMX and Bush Crafting Jugglers,Ventriloquists enjoying Aerial Trekking and BMX as well,Snake Charmers mastered the obstacle Course and Aerial Trekking,Contortionists flew across the Zip Wire and Built Bridges, Lion Tamers entered the Caving area and were running wild on the Obstacle Course,Mime Artists silently dealt with Caving and Zip Wire,Unicyclists balanced in Raft Building exercises and negotiated Caving, Strongmen made light work of Archery and Caving, Acrobats turned their hands to Climbing Wall and Bush Craft and Trapeze Artists threw themselves at Climbing Wall and Raft Building !

We enjoyed a pizza and wedges Lunch and an afternoon of the “ Danbury Spectacular” where each team taught each other a game. A carousel of entertainment filled the sunny afternoon with 1 team having a Danbury Tour Quiz to test our campers knowledge of the Camp rules plus Ringmaster “ It” and Human Chess to name a few.

Pastie, veg and potatoes gave us all an opportunity to recharge our performing batteries and we sang at the Fire-pit, with a visit from Mr Jackson and other CCA staff to end the day in true Danbury Community style !


Growing more tired by the activity our intrepid performers were woken by the Danbury sunshine for what turned out to be a day of tropical temperatures, constant exercise and hearty meals.

By now the teams found it second nature to sit in their team groups discussing their adventures at Breakfast and the activities of Raft Buiilding by the picturesque lake, and the habitat of the wildlife who make Danbury their home, and Free Time full of games and chat without a single mobile phone since Sunday ! seemed to be firm favourites.

Spectacular Olympics followed after a quick rest, “ CHA-CHA Time” ( making sure everyone had Cream, Hat and Aqua !) and a baguette Lunch.

The Spectacular Talent Show meant turning the Marquee into the CCA Big Top and every team was dotted about planning the performances of a lifetime.

Staff Judges flamboyantly arrived as Circus characters so there was a Ringmaster, Strongmen,Mime Artist, Lion Tamer,Jester,Clown and even a Bearded Lady ! The Greatest Showman flash mob wowed both our Camp ,and Stanway School into the next Camp, and we danced into the night awarding prizes and consoling tearful students who had decided that they never wanted to leave !

Packing up has been seamless this morning ,Awards were given, full Camp photos taken and individual team pictures signed by everyone .

Danbury kitchen ,office and Instructing staff waved us off as personal thanks to the impeccable behaviour, great attitude and Spectacular team effort they have learned to expect and congratulate in CCA.

Roll up, roll up to Spectacular Danbury 2019 and roll on Danbury 2020 !