Learning and Teaching


At the Clacton Coastal Academy we aim to ensure that every child ends up in successful employment. To that end we ensure that our curriculum creates opportunities for students to become independent and self-motivated with the ability to be responsible, determined and aspirational. All students are individuals who develop in different ways and at different rates and the curriculum is designed to meet those individual’s needs and provide appropriate technology, qualifications and experiences to support students into their chosen career pathways.

There are opportunities on the curriculum to accelerate (fast-track) or receive ‘booster’ or support lessons as appropriate. Students are set in most subjects as they progress through the academy but flexibility is built into the curriculum to allow movement between sets as the need arises.

Additionally, there are a variety of enrichment activities to enhance our curriculum. There are also various clubs (including in sports and artistic subjects) and there are Personal Development Days and Data Conferences in which lessons are collapsed to allow students to experience a deep learning experience that is challenging, inspiring and opens their minds to new experiences.

Our curriculum at KS3 is centred on the important Core curriculum areas of English, mathematics and science. Students will also study a variety of arts, humanities and languages subjects alongside the core curriculum. Year 9 students gain further transferable skills by choosing subjects to specialise in for the year and year 10 and 12 students begin on their choices for GCSE and A level study. It is our belief that this large discipline of all subjects helps our students to receive a strong traditional academic education, while also having time to find expression in the creative subject areas.


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