Helping at Home

A few ideas for how you can help your child at home:

  • Our current topics are shown on the school website, you may see programs/events etc that might build on these.
  • Use hobbies or sports to practice certain skills-reading/writing/discussing things they’re interested in.

Everyday life:

  • Maths - counting money during shopping e.g. working out totals or change for purchases, working out specials (2 for 1 etc).
  • Maths - calculating measurements - recipes, measuring for home renovations or repairs e.g. the length of material needed for the new curtains.
  • Science - changes during cooking - melting, reversible and irreversible changes, mixing and combining.
  • Reading - reading together in any language - stories, letters, newspapers, pamphlets, road signs etc.
  • Writing - for real purposes e.g. letters to relatives and friends in other places.

Homework is set once a week. In addition, children are given spellings every week and are expected to practice their tables and read.