Health and Well-Being


Normally, a child needing to take medicines will, of course, be absent from the academy. However if an occasion should arise that a child needs to take a dose of medicine during academy time we request that:

  1. you obtain a medical request from the academy office.
  2. you ask the dispensing chemist for a second labelled empty container for academy use only, with full written instructions clearly labelled.
  3. you give the medicine to one of the Office Staff on arrival at the academy with written instructions and the Medicine Request Form.
  4. the minimum amount of medicine should be brought into the academy (a daily dose only).
  5. no medicines must be in the academy without the knowledge of the designated person.

Mrs Collura, receptionist in the main office, is in charge of medicines brought into the academy. A record is kept of all medicines which are brought into the academy, and the administration of them. Unused medicines and empty containers will be returned to parents/carers. If a problem arises, the parent or the dispensing chemist will be contacted for advice. Parents/carersmay come to the academy at lunchtime to administer medicine. Please inform the office if you wish to do this. If you are renewing your child’s prescription for medication at home, please check that medication in the academy is also updated.

Children who need to take medicine regularly to remain fit and well are catered for at Charles Warren Academy. Asthma pumps are labelled and kept in the medical room for children in Years Reception – Year 5. Year 6 children keep their asthma pumps with them in class to encourage responsibility.

Dental/Hospital Visits

We would prefer that pupils attend appointments where possible outside academy hours. However it is permissible for children to leave the academy during academy hours provided a responsible adult accompanies them. We would also request the childs apponitment letter / card so that we can photocopy this for our attendance records. A note advising us of these visits in advance would be most welcome so that the office staff can collect the children from their class bases.

Academy Health Service

Routine screening tests are carried out throughout a child’s academy life and currently include vision, hearing and growth assessments.