Provision - Mrs D Walker

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The Provision would like to welcome you to a new school year. We look forward to working with all the children and their families, to help them grow into individuals of good character and develop and nurture their individual academic careers.

The teaching in the Language Unit follows the new National Curriculum but gives an extra focus to developing communication skills, vocabulary, thinking skills, perceptual skills, fine and gross motor skills.

Depending on the individual needs of the children, there is a balance between whole class, group and individual work designed to meet individual learning needs and to encourage language development and social skills. In addition, activities relating to speech and language, and IEP targets are integrated into daily activities.

The development of personal and social skills is a high priority in the Talk About Room and we want to ensure that the children feel relaxed, secure and confident.


Within the diverse topics we will be learning to plan, draft and write our own stories, poetry and non-fiction work. We will incorporate SPaG, the use of ICT, drama and hands-on practical elements. All teaching use a creative multi-sensory approach to meet individual learning styles and needs.


We will continue to follow the new National Curriculum for Mathematics and will cover themes such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measuring, money and problem solving.

Much of the numeracy work is practical and children are encouraged to use concrete and support materials such as number lines or number squares to help them.


On Fridays we send homework home and expect it back on Monday. The homework is set for each child individually and covers themes we have been teaching throughout the week and will reinforce the children’s learning.


Please make sure you listen to your child read every day. Little and often will support their learning and understanding of the wider world covered in the books. When you finish a book please let us know through the link book and we will change the reading book.

Home/School Link

The link between home and school is very important. The home – school link book is for the communication between school and home. Please check it on a regular basis for any information. We would welcome any comments about issues your child experiences at home or at school, so that we can address these.