Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

All adults at our academy recognise the responsibility we have under the Education Act 2002 and we have arrangements in place to safeguard and promote the high level of care for the safety and welfare of our children.

Our Policy on Safeguarding and Child Protection sets out how our governing body discharges its statutory responsibilities relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children at our academy. Our policy applies to all staff, paid and unpaid, working in the academy. The governors, teaching assistants, mid-day supervisors, secretaries as well as teachers can often be the first point of disclosure for a child.

Matters of concern, whether they relate to home or school, will always be treated confidentially. Please make early contact with the academy to discuss any concerns.

It is important that telephone numbers, emergency contact and medial details are kept up to date with the academy office.

Our designated person for the safeguarding of children (Child Protection) is Joanne Goldsmith (Principal) and Lydia Read (School Social Worker).

Academy template_Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2018.docx
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy - September 2019
Copy of CP COVID- addendum to CWA policy