"Pupils are treated equally and there is no discrimination. Pupils from a variety of cultures and backgrounds get on well together and there have been no racist incidents since becoming an academy."


Charles Warren Ethos Statement

Every pupil deserves the opportunity to have a life that can be described as ‘good quality’, free from fear and danger, where they can give and receive respect and enjoy a sense of wellbeing, belonging, worth and achievement.

We will create an environment which is highly participative and aspirational, where every pupil has the opportunity to develop the skills to lead positive and fulfilling lives appropriate to her or his skills, aptitudes and interests. We will support parents and carers and work with the community to nurture all our children.

Charles Warren Academy will become a high performing organisation and, therefore, must be the:

  • education provider of choice for learners;

  • employer of choice for staff;

  • investment of choice for parents.

Values and Beliefs

At Charles Warren Academy we aim for everyone to find their 'remarkable'.

We do this by encouraging all to

  • Be unusually brave

  • Discover what's possible

  • Push the limits

  • Be big-hearted

"Underpinning the Charles Warren vision is our commitment to the Key Outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda. At Charles Warren these will be based upon a set of Values and Beliefs."

Through our actions and behaviours we will strive to develop children who:

  • respect themselves and the community (people, property and the environment);

  • are polite, calm, caring, honest, trustworthy and helpful;

  • are responsible, independent and supportive of each other;

  • are tolerant, open minded and not prejudiced;

  • are determined and have a strong work ethic;

  • are thoughtful and have the ability to listen;

  • have good communication skills;

  • offer themselves as good role models for younger pupils;

  • can demonstrate strong self-belief and confidence and have high aspirations;

  • and can work together in groups and, as they develop, can begin to lead others.