Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Steele


Miss A Barry

Director of Safeguarding and Well-being

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Admin. Team

Miss V Bowes

PA to Principal/Admin Assistant

Miss G Moody

Admin. Assistant

Miss J Caddick

Apprentice Receptionist

Early Years - Remarkable Rebels (2 Year Provision)

Mrs J Dean

Remarkable Rebels


Mrs T Baker

Remarkable Rebels

Early Years - Nursery

Miss K Pounder

Nursery Teacher

Early Years Lead

Mrs S Edgar

Nursery L&TA

Mrs T Blair

Nursery L&TA

Early Years Team - Reception

Miss N Mount

Reception Teacher

Miss K Duncan

Reception L&TA

Miss S Tranter

Reception Reading Assistant

Year 1 Team

Mr S Barnbrook

Y1 Teacher

Mrs T Thompson


Mrs V Grant

Y1 Reading Assistant

Year 2 Team

Miss K Draffan

Y2 Teacher

Mrs A Herman


Year 3 Team

Mrs S Peretti

Y3 Teacher

Mrs E Crabbe

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs C Vaughan

Year 3 L&TA

Year 4 Team

Miss K Hill

Y4 Teacher

Middle Team Lead

Mrs A Stewart

Year 4

Apprentice L/TA

Year 5 and 6 Team

Miss C Norlund

Y5 Teacher

Mrs S Thompson

Y6 Teacher

Upper Team Lead

Miss M Serplus


Mrs P Hinton

KS2 Reading Assistant

Forest School

Mrs C Vaughan

Forest School Lead

Nurture Group Team

Mrs E Crabbe

Nurture Group Lead

Miss M Serplus

Nurture Group Teacher

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs A Herman

Mrs V Grant

Mrs S Wells

Mrs K Sockett

Miss S Tranter

Other Valuable Members of the Caldicotes Team

Mr N Page

Site Manager

Mrs L Harrison

Emotional and Well-being Support Worker

Parent & Toddler Group Lead

James McGlynn

Sports Provision