Meal Arrangements

Meal arrangements at our academy

Breakfast club

We run a very successful breakfast club from our dining hall every school day morning from 8am. Children are provided with a healthy breakfast to start the day – cereals, toast and drink, for 30p per day. If the child attends all week, they get a free breakfast on the Friday. Our amazing Teaching Assistants organise the club and have activities available for the children to engage with before they take them over to school on time after breakfast. Attending breakfast club can be the motivation to get your child up and out of bed in time for school. Families are encouraged to start the day off together – adults can join us for a healthy breakfast for 50p a day – parents will need to supervise their own children and Nursery children until they take them to Nursery.


Our school lunches are cooked on site in our dining hall and are delicious! Children are able to choose from the ‘cafeteria-style’ a meal that will provide them a nutritionally balanced lunch either from the ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ side. School lunches are priced at £1.90 per day or £9.50 per week and MUST be paid in advance using the envelopes provided – the same as when you pay for your food in advance when visiting any fast food restaurants! If you prefer, you can pay a term in advance – please see Miss Maloney for costings.

Click here to see this week's lunch menu.

Free school meals

If you believe your child may be entitled to a free school meal, please see the Admin team. They will signpost you to the relevant forms to complete and outline the necessary evidence you will need to complete the process. It is important to access free school meal entitlement as school funding is directly linked to pupils entitled to them.

Packed lunches

Children may bring packed lunches. It should be placed into a secure container, which can be carried by the child and stored easily in school. (there are no cold storage facilities in school) As we are a healthy school and are constantly challenging pupils to make good choices about the food that they eat, we ask that you do not include sweets, chocolate, cans or glass bottles. We will encourage pupils to return home with any uneaten food so that you are informed of what your child has eaten.

Family luncheon club

We run a ‘lunch club’ on a Monday from 12pm for any parents who would like to join their child and have lunch together. Meals need to be booked and paid for in advance, by the Wednesday evening at a cost of £3.10 per adult meal and £1.90 per child meal. Please enter school through the main entrance where you will be asked to sign in and then taken over to the Dining Hall by a member of staff. If you are bringing younger children along with you, it is important to remember that they are your responsibility and should remain in the seating area designated for families eating together to avoid any accidents occurring.

Healthy Packed Lunches

If your child chooses to bring a packed lunch but you are constantly stuck for different ideas of how to fill them, here are some useful websites:

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Net Mums - Lunch Box Ideas

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