More Able, Additional & Special Educational Needs

Caldicotes Primary Academy is an inclusive setting for all children and families

At Caldicotes Primary Academy we aim to, "challenge and inspire all to have ambition and achieve their potential," which includes children with special educational needs (SEND) and those who are more able, gifted or talented (MAG&T). As part of our Inclusive ethos, we recognise that: a child does not have a learning difficulty solely because; their home language is different from that spoken in school; they are looked after by the local authority; they suffer from mental health issues; they have a medical problem. The needs of all vulnerable groups are met through careful identification, assessment and monitoring procedures in line with the SEND Code of Practice (January 2015.)

All class teachers differentiate the class work to meet the needs of individual children as part of the high quality teaching and learning provision within the academy, challenging all to 'make their best better!'.

Mr Ben Jones, is our Inclusion leader in the academy. He is supported by a team of highly skilled and qualified staff who undertake specific interventions and provide targeted support to ensure all our pupils achieve in line with expectations. Miss Barry liaises with Mr Jones to monitor and evaluate the impact of interventions to maximise the impact of support and challenge.

If we are concerned about your child’s progress we will discuss with you what we can do, and how we can move forward together in partnership to ensure your child reaches their potential. As the leader of provision, for special educational needs and more able gifted and talented, Mr Jones and the team liaise with class teachers and outside agencies to determine individual pupils’ needs are consistently met and evaluated.

Our aim at all times, is to include the child and their family in this process.

We work with the Local Authority to ensure that, through the Local Offer, children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and their parents or carers, access information about what activities and support is available in the area where you live.

You can find out more about Middlesbrough’s Local Offer here

More able, gifted & talented

Mr Jones, as Inclusion Leader, oversees the more able, gifted and talented provision and enrichment activities for pupils who display particular gifts and talents.

Pupils identified with particular 'gifts' or 'talents' will be aded to the Inclusion register and families will be informed.

Throughout the year, children and families may be 'signposted' to specific opportunities, clubs and events that may enrich and enhance the gifts and talents of individuals in addition to the opportunities that are planned and timetabled during the academic year.

Special educational needs & disabilities

Mr Jones, the Inclusion Leader, identifies from our data and through progress dialogues with staff, the pupils who may require additional support to reach their potential. Working with Miss Barry, he implements, monitors and evaluates the impact of interventions.

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