Caldicotes' Pledges

We pledge to support our pupils to become 5 Star Learners beyond the curriculum through enriching opportunities.

Outdoor & Adventurous residential for Y3/4

After school clubs - multi-sports

Holiday club

Pupils are encouraged to participate fully in the life of our academy beyond the classroom and via our pledges scheme. We have developed a series of 9 pledges that all pupils are expected to achieve during their ‘career’ with us at Caldicotes. Some of the pledges we will expect all the children to achieve annually; others will be a pledge that will be achieved when in a specific phase group within the academy, such as Pledge 7: taking part in a residential visit in KS2.

By completing a pledge a child will be provided with new experiences, learn new skills, develop existing knowledge, gain in confidence and grow as an individual and as a ‘team player.’

The pledges are important as they will enable a child to gain a wide variety of new and exciting experiences which may lead to a pupil discovering that they have a talent, learn a new skill, make new friends, build confidence, develop a positive work ethic and general outlook to life.

Y6 visit to London

I'm a Caldicotes' Pupil, get me out of here ....!

Pledge 1 - 5 are annual pledges and should be achieved by all pupils each year

Pledge 1 – attend an after–Academy activity / club

Pledge 2 – take part in an Academy production / event

Pledge 3 – take part in a formal presentation to an audience

Pledge 4 – participate in a fund-raising event in the Academy

Pledge 5 – be involved in developing the sustainability of the Academy

Pledge 6 – 9 are pledges to be achieved during a pupil’s career in the Academy – at least once!

Pledge 6 – represent the Academy in a sporting / academic / cultural event

Pledge 7 – take part in a residential programme

Pledge 8 – attend a sporting / academic / cultural event

Pledge 9 – be actively involved in a community experience


After school clubs - photography

Whole school event - Resilient Reader 'dropped in!'