Upper Team Virtual Learning (Y5,6& Nurture)

Learning at home when isolating and Bubble closure social story

This is your virtual learning page.

If your 'bubble' or you have to isolate away from school, you will be able to access learning from on this page.

Make sure you share your learning via Seesaw, Twitter and Facebook so we can see how you are getting on. Please be patient; your teachers are working very hard to prepare your new learning in fun and exciting ways that will help you to be 5 Star Learners in these new ways, they will try to respond to you between 9-4pm on a school day.

If you are away from school, Miss Barry or someone from your class will give you a call each week to see how you are getting on. Everyone will be looking to see if you are being a 5 Star Learner. Don't forget to link into the YouTube channel on Thursday afternoon at 2.30pm to join in with Celebration Assembly.

Y5 virtual school

Y6 virtual school

Nurture provision virtual school

Holiday activities

Week 1

Be unusually brave: life skills

Week 2

Discover what's possible: non-screen activities you can do at home

Week 3

Things to do indoors

Week 4

Being big hearted

Week 5

Push your limits!

Week 6

Discover what's possible

Week 6 Summer Term 2
Week 5 Summer Term 2
Week 4 Summer Term 2
Week 3 Summer Term 2
Week 2 Summer Term 2
Summer term 2 week 1
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Week 7

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Friday 1st May

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Easter fun activities for the holiday

Timetable for Y5/6 - Week 3 - 6.4.20
Timetable for Y5/6 - Week 2 - 30.3.20
Timetable for Y5/6 - Week 1 - 23.3.20