Science at Brockworth

Our Philosophy of Science:

At Brockworth Primary Academy we are committed to providing an exciting, hands-on and interesting science curriculum which can be accessed and enjoyed by all children. We strive to link our science work to our termly themes and therefore make our learning exciting and relevant.

This page will keep you up-to-date with some of the exciting experiments that have been happening in school and some of the science events which can be enjoyed locally. It will also provide some ideas for science at home and some great websites to extend their knowledge and stimulate your child to become more involved in science!

The National Curriculum for Science:

Brockworth Academy follows guidance from the National curriculum. We strive to base all learning on scientific discovery where the children learn scientific facts and therefore are able to ask questions, and eventually able to answer questions about the world more independently.

For more information about the National Curriculum Standards for Science, please follow the link below.

What’s been happening at school?

Year 1 science:

In year one we have found out about animals and what they eat. For this we looked through (fake) poo to find evidence of what animals have eaten.

We have also found out about the different parts of a plant by carefully dissecting one!

Year 3 science:

In year 3 we have been learning about friction and how different materials affect speed. We created an escape ramp for monks to escape Lindisfarne...

Year 4 science:

In year 4 we have been finding out about how food is digested in our stomachs. For this we created our own 'bag-stomach' and watched as it slowly decomposed different foodstuffs.


We have also found out about sound and how it travels through vibrations. Here is a presentation of our findings:

Year 5 science:

In year 5 we visited @Bristol and had fun exploring all sorts of different scientific theories and testing them out.

We have also been discovering how to make objects float when they would normally sink.

Year 6 science:

We have been learning about what helps electricity flow around a circuit.We also added components to see if we could make the bulb brighter.

We explored how we see by thinking about how light moves in straight lines and reflects.

Science Club:

Brockworth Academy also provides a Science Club for children to ask questions and find out the answers in areas they are interested in. Recently we have made volcanoes and discovered how they work.

Local Science opportunities:

6th – 11th June is Cheltenham Science week. Lots of prominent scientists will be speaking, and exciting science experiments will be available to book or attend for free. This year’s main themes are: the future of our planet and society, the science of sound, and the mystery of how our brains make us who we are! See the link below for more information.

@Bristol has a wide range of opportunities for scientific enquiry. In the heart of Bristol, it is easy to access from the train station and has good parking facilities nearby.

Cotswold Wildlife Park and Cotswold Farm Park provide a chance for children to explore and find out about animals and their habitats.

Websites for scientific exploration for children at home:

Follow the links below for interesting science games and possible experiments that can be done at home: