Senior Leadership Team

Miss Patricia Briggs - Principal

Mr Matt Blacker - Vice Principal ; Head of Upper KS2 (SLE for Classroom Management/MAST)

Miss Rebecca Price - Head of Foundation Stage*

Mrs Marie Harris - Head of Inclusion & designated Safeguarding lead*

SEND and Pastoral Team

Mrs M Harris* - Head of Inclusion

Mrs N.Gill - Pastoral Lead

Mrs A.Powell

Miss D Hopson

Miss K Williams

Associate Staff

Mr M. McKay - Caretaker

Miss R.Semeniuk - Cleaner

Mrs G. Pares - Cleaner

Mrs T Bircher - Catering Supervisor

Miss M Griffin - Catering Assistant

Foundation Stage/Key Stage 1


Miss R.Price*

Mr M Blacker

Mrs C. Partington

Miss A.Holmes

Miss D. Bradford

Miss K.Webb

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L.Walker

Mrs E.Tucker

Miss L. Horner

Mrs L. McGregor

Miss H.Riach

Key Stage 2


Miss R.Irving

Miss H.Eavers

Mr A.Holloway

Mr R.Lucas

Miss L.Tyrer

Miss B.Chandler

Miss N.Hughes

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S.Leaver (SLE for Teaching Assistants)

Mrs K.Harris

Mrs C.Hutchinson

Miss S Massey

Mrs K Clifford

Administration Staff

Mrs N.Hopson - Business Manager (SLE for Business Management)

Mrs J.Gill

Mrs N.Smith

Miss L Newman

Midday Supervisors

Mrs E.Benzie - Senior Supervisor

Mrs L.Ourabah

Mrs R.Blair

Miss T.Johnson

Mrs S. Stokes

Mrs G. Pares

Miss R Griffiths

Miss C. Gage

We have three members of staff who have been awarded the role of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE). This means that they are trained to support colleagues at other schools and academies in their area of specialism.

One member of staff has also successfully completed the Mathematics Specialist Teacher programme (MAST) which means that they can support colleagues both at our academy and in other settings in their teaching of mathematics.