Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Arrangements for Students with Disabilities

Arrangements for the admission of pupils with disabilities

The Academy views the year 6-7 transition as a very important stage in each student’s education. Once a student has accepted their place at the Academy they are visited at their primary school by the SENDCo and Transition Coordinator. The Academy SENDCo meets with the class teacher and SENDCo from the student’s primary to discuss Support Plans and effective ways of supporting the student’s needs. At this stage students are placed in tutor groups with at least two other students from their primary school where possible. Parents and students are invited to a Transition Evening at the end of June to meet with the form tutors and other students who will be in their tutor group, the Senior Leadership Team, Student Services and SENDCo. In addition to Transition Evening, all students are invited to a Transition Day in July where they participate in a variety of activities to familiarise themselves with the Academy and its routines. Additional Transition Days can be arranged for students with SEND and those who need further support before the start of the new academic year.

Steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than others

All students on the SEND Register have a Support Plan. This is created with the students and parent/carer(s), and is driven by outcomes set by the student. This Support Plan is issued to all staff and reviewed by tutors and the SEND team at least three times each year.

The member of staff responsible for coordinating the school timetable is aware of any students who may have a physical disability and ensures these students are scheduled into rooms that are on the ground floor. The Academy’s IT booking system clearly states which rooms are not accessible for disabled students.

It is the ethos of the SEND team at the Academy to support students to become more independent. Teaching assistants therefore encourage student collaboration and group work; removal from lessons for 1:1 interventions is kept to a minimum.

Wherever practicable, trips are made accessible for students with disabilities. Risk assessments are carried out in advance of the trip to ensure suitability for the students.

Existing facilities to assist with access to the academy by students with disabilities

Broadlands Academy is aware of how important the environment is for confident mobility. . We are able to provide all lessons on the ground floor. There are ramps to access areas and any steps are completely highlighted and have handrails.

There is a Clos-o-mat toilet situated in the disabled toilet by the Sports Hall which combines the functions of a WC and bidet with the addition of warm air drying. There is a shower in the disabled toilet by the Sports Hall with a stool. Hoists are also available in the disabled toilets.

Within the PE department there is a Physiotherapy room with a Physiotherapy couch which can be raised or lowered and handrails that can also be raised and lowered.

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