Xpressions Parents App

Please note that due to a change in the Academy's MIS system, the Xpressions App is no longer available and a new system will be introduced soon

View your child’s information on your mobile phone or tablet

The App is completely free of charge to you and can be installed on your mobile phone or tablet. It currently supports Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices and enables you to see information for each of your children attending the Academy. If you have children in different schools and those schools also use Xpressions you will also see their information.

What can you see?

· Attendance records and absences

· Assessment information (available soon)

· Achievement records

· Behaviour events

· Timetable

It is really quick to get started

1. Please ensure we have your correct mobile number and email address on our school database as without this the App will be unable to allow you access as it uses this data to authenticate you. Also ensure that you keep the Academy informed of any future changes to these details to maintain access to the service.

2. Download the Groupcall Xpressions App from the appropriate store depending on your device.

3. Open the App and Register - Ensure your mobile phone is switched on even if you are using the App on a tablet as it is used during the registration process to send a verification code for security purposes.

Enter your email address and click Next

Enter your Mobile No and click Next When you have entered details correctly you will receive a text message containing a 6 digit code. Enter this code on screen

Press Login

Set Password It is possible to use the Xpressions app without setting a password – you can simply use your mobile phone number in conjunction with your email address instead of a password. You will have to enter a code sent to you mobile number each time you log in to the app (or to the website) however so you may find a password quicker.

Start using the App

If you experience any problems with the above please contact the Academy and ask for IT Support who will help you with the process. More information is also available from

Groupcall Parents Help