Expectations of Parents/Carers

  • Communicate with us
  • Engage in your child's learning
  • Support and come to our events
  • Encourage your child to take part
  • Inform us of any issues
  • Make sure they do their homework
  • Support our behaviour policy
  • Make sure they get here on time

Student Planners

To continue the positive communication between the Academy and home, all students are expected to obtain a parental signature in their planner each week. The first signature is required on page 11 of the planner. This will enable you to monitor the homework that is set each week and any negative behaviour in lessons that result in a C1 detention (page 20). The weekly 'Notes home' section will also support communication between you and your child's tutor. If students do not obtain a signature from home for two consecutive weeks then their tutor will issue a C1 and contact home to discuss.