Broadlands Academy Celebrates Improved GCSE Results In Maths

41% secure a Grade 9 – 4 in Maths and English

Maths improves by 8% points since 2018

Broadlands Academy saw 41% of students securing 9-4 in both English and Maths. Part of Academies Enterprise Trust, the academy has seen some good performances for students in some subjects under the new, tougher GCSE exams that have been introduced over the last couple of years.

In Maths, the academy saw a leap of 8% points in students securing a grade 4 or better, compared to 2018.

There were strong results in Science with, for the first time, more than 25% of students studying the more challenging Triple Science qualification (Biology 80%, Chemistry 84% and Physics 76% achieving a Grade 4 or better).

2019 saw the introduction of the new exams in virtually all GCSE subjects. A new grading system is in place, with 9 – 1 grades replacing the old A* - G. Under the new system a grade 7 equates to an A and a 4 is equivalent to the old C grade.

Despite a rapid growth in student numbers, Broadlands continues to be a small school. This enables all staff to support and challenge every student to be remarkable. New for the academic year ahead, Broadlands has further enriched the curriculum offer to include Performing Arts, alongside the Art and Music GCSEs it already offers. This will complement the wide range of academic and vocational subjects on offer, including Child Development and Health and Social Care, in which the students benefit from being to learn within the academy’s own nursery school on site (Broadlands Bears).

To stay ahead of the growing demand and change in computing, the academy is also transforming four new computer rooms and significantly increasing the number of new computers available to students to far exceed the national average.

James Hall, Headteacher of Broadlands Academy said:

“Broadlands balances academic success with student opportunities, high expectations and support. As a result, Broadlands Academy has become the school of choice locally and continually drives to achieve the best for all.”

Julian Drinkall, CEO of AET said:

“Our congratulations go out to those students and staff at Broadlands Academy who have performed well – it’s still early days for the new exam system, but some students have really performed well, and their hard work and focus over the last two years has clearly paid off.

“At AET, we are wholly focused on ensuring that the education our academies provide helps young people go on to lead remarkable lives. That is fast becoming a reality at Broadlands Academy and we wish all of our students the very best for the next step they take on that journey, whether it is further study or going into training or employment.

“The last three years has seen far-reaching changes at AET. Bar our name above the door, everything has changed – from the type of support we provide to each academy through to our governance. Everything is now geared towards the central goal of “remarkable lives” and it is wonderful to see the impact of those changes now coming through in each of our academies. The future is looking very positive, and my congratulations to everyone who is celebrating these results today.”