You will probably have studied quite a lot of science before, but may not have worked in a laboratory. The lessons will often involve you in using new equipment, including Bunsen burners. We aim to develop scientific minds at Broadlands to prepare you for a rapidly advancing world. Have you ever considered that there will be jobs in the future that don’t even exist yet? A scientific background will give you the chance to be part of your future!

Year 7 Science begins with lots of experiments and investigations that will help you learn how to use all the science equipment correctly and safely. You will also learn how to make accurate measurements using special devices.

There are several science teachers, but you will probably have the same one for all your lessons in Year 7. You will often work with a group of other students in a team which you decide the name of. You may take part in competitions and you may earn rewards from your teacher.

You will study a series of different topics through Year 7, each lasting around four weeks. The Biology topics are about how living things work and affect each other. You will learn about how cells, organs and organ systems function to keep us alive; this will involve dissections and using microscopes. You will continue to learn about the human reproductive system and the processes of fertilisation, pregnancy and puberty. In Chemistry we begin to learn about tiny particles called atoms and molecules – and how we can explain our observations of chemical reactions, like burning, fizzing and explosions. You will learn how to use electrical equipment to make and test circuits. You will also investigate the forces involved in rockets, racing cars, planes and crashes.

We hope that you will enjoy learning by DOING exciting things in science.

AQA Science


GCSE Biology (AQA Course Code 8461)

GCSE Chemistry (AQA Course Code 8462)

GCSE Physics (AQA Course Code 8463)

GCSE Combined Science Trilogy (AQA Course Code 8464)

Extra-curricular activities and clubs

Science Club – Doing all the best experiments in science!

Science Support – To help revise for exams/support with homework

Doing well in this subject will help you

Studying science helps you to make sense of the world around you. If you want to become a Doctor, Engineer, Vet, computer programmer, architect, forensic officer or many other exciting professions! Science is the place to start.