Broadlands Mathematics – Strength in Numbers

We feel our duty is to inspire young people to see the true beauty of mathematics in the wider world by bringing mathematics alive thereby making it exciting, relevant and easy.

Mathematics Curriculum

Students at Broadlands follow a mathematics curriculum that provides each student with a learning pathway. Each pathway provides differentiated learning objectives with a clear focus on progression in the learning of mathematics. Students are set upon entry and follow one of three pathways according to their ability.


Progress of every student is closely monitored and tracked each term through a skills and knowledge assessment. Students are assessed at a level appropriate to their end of year target. Students who perform well in the termly assessments have the opportunity to move onto a higher learning pathway. Students who do not perform well and are at risk of falling short of their target are given additional support to help improve their achievement.

Homework and Revision

Students are set homework once a week which will either be a paper-based assessment or an online homework via Mathswatch or Teachers can remind about login details if needed.

Homework will also be posted on Google Classroom so that students know what the task is. It is vital that they check this every day for posted homework.

The following websites are excellent for mathematics revision:

BBC GCSE Bitesize

Corbett Maths

Mr Barton Maths

If you have any further questions about mathematics at Broadlands Academy then please email