The Languages department at Broadlands Academy passionately believe that language learning is an essential skill for all our students. We are delighted to be able to offer our students the opportunity of learning Spanish since we believe that learning a language allows us not only to communicate with people all around the world, but also enables us to experience new cultures and in doing so learn more about ourselves.

Key Stage 3

How do our students learn?

The best way to learn another language is to surround yourself with it. In our languages lessons we encourage students to use the language to communicate in the classroom - whether asking for a pen or giving an opinion about the lesson!

We also know the power of making lessons as fun, engaging and relevant as possible. Language learning activities include songs, games, puzzles, group work, pair work, mime, movement, dance and much, much more.

Several times a year we organise languages clubs where students can come and get engaged in extracurricular activities to help them to take part in our school life.

What do our students learn?

In Year 7 students start learning Spanish from scratch which they continue into Year 11 to achieve their GCSE qualifications. KS3 students study the following topics:

  • My free time
  • My life
  • My school
  • My family and friends
  • My city
  • My holidays
  • Technology
  • Food and drink
  • Health
  • Culture and world issues

How do we assess our students?

In KS3 we test the students on two different skills every six weeks: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Students' grades for each skill are recorded and the average grade of the students' assessments is calculated to give parents, students and staff the pupils' Assessed and Predicted Grades.

Key Stage 4

How do our students learn?

Languages lessons continue to include a variety of active teaching and learning techniques and encourage students to develop their extended writing and oral presentation skills. Students will learn the vocab and structures associated with each topic area and also prepare for a series of written and spoken controlled assessments. We also use a range of past papers and authentic resources to develop students' Listening and Reading skills.

What do our students learn?

We currently follow the Edexcel course for Spanish. Students will develop the language skills they have gained during KS3 and will become more independent in their use of spoken and written language. The topics we cover at KS4 are:

  • Holidays
  • School
  • People, identity and socialising
  • Free time, identity and culture
  • My city
  • Daily routine
  • At the doctors
  • Culture and traditions
  • Work experience and jobs
  • Environmental issues and natural disasters
  • Healthy eating
  • International events

Each topic will have a grammar focus and students will be expected to learn the topic specific vocab associated with each topic.

How do we assess our students?

The Spanish GCSE includes students being assessed on all four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

We use the Pearson Edexcel exam board specifications and guidelines. More information:

Useful Websites

Three particular websites of interest are as follows:

1) BBC Mundo News:

2) Spanish Music:

3) Duolingo: Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free. Interactive activities and training:

In addition to the above, the following websites are useful sources of information:

1. Spanish Grammar online

Excellent grammar explanations and practice exercises.

2. European word translator

See your chosen word in a map of Europe!

3. TED talks

With Spanish subtitles - superb!

4. Easy Spanish

Videos with subtitles!

5. ProfeDeEl

Some good podcasts here with subtitles


Improve listening skills by watching videos and quizzes

7. Spaleon

Practise your tenses here!

8. qlipo

Learn Spanish by listening to music!

9. Euronews

The latest news on video with transcripts!

10. InfografĂ­as

Information in a visual form...


Very interesting! Facts about Nature, Science, History all sorts!

12. Spanishgames

As the title suggests - Spanish games!

13. Prospanish

A great site for beginners!

14. (Mi mundo)

Learn about Spanish language and culture here!

15. lyricstraining

Learn a language by karaoke style activities...

16. Reall Languages

Games and news here!

17. Typeit

Spanish accents - type it here!

18. Photo Vocab

The photo of the day and the key word!

19. Text to Speech

Type what you want and listen to how it is pronounced!

20. veintemundos

A monthly magazine with podcasts and their transcripts - fantastic!

21. Routes into Languages

Why study languages? Infomation and useful tips!

22. Quizlet

A site which allows you to type in the words you want to learn and play with.

23. soccerlingua

To help you learn languages through football!

24. Learnspanishvocabulary

GCSE vocabulary with sounds!

25. BBC Bitesize

Plenty of GCSE practice here.

26. Languagesonline

From Year 7 to 13 - this site has it all!