In Year 7 you will study History, Geography and Belief and Values. In your first term you will look at the history of your local area, develop your map skills and have a look into your potential future with the BV unit World of Work.

In History you will:

· Study how different people lived through the Middle Ages, a period of invasion, plague and protest

· Investigate causes of events such as the Black Death and actions of people such as King John

· Develop core skills of source evaluation, interpretation and significance

In Geography you will:

· Investigate place through the study of a range of fantastic geographical locations.

· Explore the concept of development by comparing the local areas with that of Ghana.

· Develop core skills through the study of Chocolate Bean to Bar.

In Belief and Values you will study:

· Explore our multicultural world and how this can have positive influences on our lives

· How to be more philosophical with your thinking

· How our own journey through life and your own identity is affected by a range of influences and ideas


GCSE Geography

GCSE History

Extra-curricular activities and clubs:


Homework club and revision

Doing well in this subject will help you:

Geographers can move into careers as International Development Workers or Nature Conservation Officers. If that is not for you, how about landscape architecture? Or you could even help the Government by looking at town planning, environmental science and teaching. The skills that are taught in History are very useful in work, study and life. Accountancy, tourism, law, politics, town planning, medicine and journalism are just a few of the subjects which welcome a History qualification.