Broadlands Academy delivers the National Curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4. For post 16, many of our students go on to study A/AS Levels at the nearby St Brendan’s Sixth Form College or City of Bristol College.

Broadlands values a rich and engaging curriculum, which is aimed to both challenge and support students of all abilities and backgrounds. The academy is able to review and personalise the curriculum for individual year groups and where possible, for the individual students themselves.

Primary transition is key and Broadlands has received significant praise for the programme and support provided, both for students at the end of Year 6 and for their first terms in a secondary setting. Communication is key for this and Broadlands holds a celebration event for all Year 7 parents, at the start of Term 2, to showcase the work and progress the students have made.

At Key Stage 3, students receive a broad and balanced curriculum, with emphasis placed on improving learning habits through growth mindset lessons in Year 7, as well as a cross curricular focus on literacy, numeracy and computing skills. An Accelerated Reader programme supports all KS3 students. This programme is designed to encourage reading, test their reading ability and to challenge them to read books of ever increasing difficulty.

In Year 10, students have the opportunity to choose the combination of subjects they wish to pursue in Key Stage 4. Some core subjects, such as Maths, English, Science and core PE are compulsory. Students are encouraged to pursue a range of GCSE and vocational courses to ensure the needs of each individual student are met.

Setting and Grouping

At Key Stage 3, for most subjects, students are placed in groups appropriate to their ability in the subject. Such setting enables the teacher to achieve the best learning experience for each group of students. Further, the teacher will set different tasks and activities for students within each group to meet their individual learning style. Where appropriate, some subject areas are taught to mixed ability groups.

At Key Stage 4, students are placed in groups in core subjects appropriate to their ability in that core subject. Option subjects are taught in mixed ability groups on the whole with differentiated tasks which challenge every learner at whatever their level.

Organisation of Curriculum Subjects:

■ English

■ Mathematics

■ Science and Computer Science

■ Technology

■ Creative Arts - Art and Music

■ Spanish

■ Humanities

■ PE

In addition to the above subjects taught at Broadlands Academy, the cross faculty Year Tutor Teams deliver the PSHEE Curriculum, including Citizenship, as part of focussed timetable mornings.

Additional Learning

iLearn Centre

The iLearn Centre provides learning facilities to staff and students, including the Library and development of e-based learning resources. Facilities include laptops, ICT suites including google chrome books. The iLearn is available for students during lunch and after school as well, to support with learning, literacy and homework.

Learning Recovery Centre

The Learning Recovery Centre (LRC) provides additional support to students with special educational needs and disabilities as well as focussing on developing numeracy and literacy skills. A specialist team supports our students in and out of lessons.

Online Learning

To compliment learning in class, Broadlands students actively use a wide range of online learning packages to support homework, revision and embedding learning. These include GCSEPod, SAMLearning, MathsWatch and Century. Century is new for January 2019 and is being trialled by Broadlands. This new software contains artificial intelligence and can fine-tune the learning of students, across a range of key subjects.

Ignite Days

Learning stretches beyond the class and the normal series of timetabled lessons. Ignite Days, held three times a year, are cross curricular days and allow students to have a greater focus on individual topics. These Ignite days include careers and enterprise events, PSHEE topics, British Values, Sex Education etc. An additional strength to this curriculum component is that outside experts are able to come in and deliver some of the sessions (for example Bristol Zoo professionals) and groups are able to do specific trips out, focussing on the key themes (diversity of religion in Bristol for example).

Broadlands Bears Nursery

The Academy is in a unique position to have its own nursery school on site ‘Broadlands Bears’. Students studying Child Development and Health and Social Care get the opportunity to spend time learning within the nursery itself and Broadlands is able to ensure these subjects are truly vocational.

Careers and Work Experience

Careers education is knitted within PSHEE but also includes an enormous Careers Fair each year, where colleges, employers and apprenticeships are advertised. This Careers Fair is open to all students and parents but is further targeted at students in Year 9 (choosing their GCSE options) and those in Year 11.

All students in Year 10 undertake one week's Work Experience. This is becoming rare across local secondary schools but is valued at Broadlands and has a significant positive impact in students understanding of the world of work and their aspirations beyond Broadlands.

In 2017, Broadlands was awarded the Employability Charter Mark, for the curriculum, advice and guidance provided to students and the Academy reviews this annually to ensure this continues to be gold standard.


Connect is a small inclusion unit for students with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). Connect is part of Broadlands Academy and students who attend the provision are on the roll of the mainstream school.

Staff at Connect work closely with teachers in the mainstream to plan and deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the requirements set out in the National Curriculum.

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