Computer Science

Computer Science as a curriculum was introduced in the UK in 2014. Broadlands has adopted it vigorously to ensure that students are well prepared for the digital age they face. All KS3 students have a weekly lesson covering topics as wide as binary numbers and computer hardware to Python programming and key spreadsheet skills.

At KS4, those that choose to pursue Computer Science can study for a GCSE in Computer Science using the new 9-1 grading scheme from OCR and will have five hours of lessons a fortnight. They will explore deeper into the logic and structure behind the apps and programs we all use every day. How does a computer scientist think and view the world? How do they approach a problem and formulate solutions? How is this turned into a digital solution?

To facilitate learning, Broadlands boast numerous computer labs with PCs, or Chromebooks, giving a variety of experience to match potential future workplaces. The Google Suite of tools - online versions of software very similar to the traditional Office package - is used extensively to help familiarise students with modern cloud-based solutions.


Computer Science GCSE

Extra-curricular activities and clubs

Cyber Discovery– In conjunction with MI5 - Learning how to counter online security threats with ethical hacking and other skills.

Doing well in this subject will help you

Tablets, smart phones and laptops have become an essential part of our world. At Broadlands our computing courses are designed to prepare students effectively for the challenges of programming and software development. We integrate computer programming into games development and website coding to learn more advanced programming languages.

Computing at Broadlands will prepare you to go further into games or software development, as well as making use of ICT in a business environment.