Computer Science

Computer Science at Broadlands Academy

Broadlands has over 200 computers including a brand new Chrome based suite, and you will be using them as part of your lessons in many subjects. In your lessons you will learn to use computers not only in new, exciting and useful ways, but also the importance of being safe online and using technology.

All the computers have a fast Broadband connection to the Internet allowing you to do some of your lessons ‘online’. You will be given a username and a password that will not only give you your own space to save work, but also your own e-mail account.

The school system is based on Windows 7 and google Chrome and uses Office 2010 and the google suite of applications for most work. Specialist software is used in subjects to support their work. We also have top range design, video and animation development software.


Computer Science GCSE

Extra-curricular activities and clubs:

Programming Club – Learning to make games and websites!

Doing well in this subject will help you:

Tablets, smart phones and laptops have become an essential part of our world. At Broadlands our computing courses are designed to prepare students effectively for the challenges of programming and software development. We integrate computer programming into games development and website coding to learn more advanced programming languages.

Computing at Broadlands will prepare you to go further into games or software development, as well as making use of ICT in a business environment.