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Assessment and Target Setting - Age Related Expectations (AREs)

The way that students at Broadlands Academy are assessed has changed. This is now against Age Related Expectations (ARE). The statements that students are assessed against in each subject have been created by Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) following a consultation with subject leads across the academy chain. A link to these can be found on our website.

Student attainment will now be reported as:

· Above Age Related Expectations (Working Beyond)

· Within Age Related Expectations (Working At)

· Below Age Related Expectations (Working Towards)

How will we form judgements?

Day to day:

On-going teacher led assessments will continue. This happens daily in the Academy where the teacher sets an activity or task for students to complete. Students complete the activity (which could be written, verbal or practical) and the teacher will decide on whether or not the learning objectives have been met and whether they are then met subsequently on different occasions where the student works independently. This kind of on-going assessment is vital at school, as it helps teachers assess what learning has taken place and plan the next steps.

Formal Assessments:

Students will be assessed at three ‘Stop The Clock’ (STC) points across the year in both KS3 and KS4. During these points, KS3 students will be assessed against the ARE statements in each subject. Assessments can be verbal, written or practical depending on the subject. KS3 students will sit examinations in the main hall for these assessments in English, Maths and Science. All other subjects will have their assessments in their classrooms. KS4 students will sit these assessments as Mock Examinations in preparation for their real GCSE and BTEC courses.

Starting points and target setting

KS3 Assessment:

Across Term 1, students have been observed by teachers to assess their individual starting points. By combining these assessments and KS2 Reading and Maths results, students have been given their target grades for each subject. All students have received a target grade for KS3 which is either Working At or Working Beyond their Age Related Expectations. If they maintain their Age Related Expectations across Years 7, 8 and 9, students will be on track to standard/strong pass grades (Grade 4/5) at GCSE in Year 11. Those students working beyond their Age Related Expectations will be aiming for the higher grades (Grades 7-9) at GCSE.

KS4 Assessment:

KS4 students have target grades which are numbered GCSE grades 9-1. Grade 9 being the highest and grade 1 being the lowest.

Target grades have been determined using their KS2 entry points and progress made in courses across KS3 to ensure that they remain challenging but attainable.

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